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Surgical Light

L6 surgical light features natural light mixing technology based on the conventional LED light source that integrates the light source with four different color shades into one lamp bead and pre-mixed in the convex lens to maintain a stable white light throughout the lighting path. This provides a more intense color rendering effect than conventional light sources. Doctors can choose to focus on different tissue structures such as heart, blood vessels, fat, etc. to enhance the display effect of the key tissues and weaken the color rendering of other tissues.
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White Light Endoscopic Imaging System
OptoMedic104K WhtNavi White Light Endoscopic Imaging System

The OptoMedic 104K WhtNavi white light endoscopic imaging system is intended to be used with endoscope, monitor, endo-intervention accessories, and other auxiliary equipment for real-time visible observation, diagnosis, treatment and image recording. 4K high resolution offers more accurate qualitative white light imaging without flickering or delay, and its patented intelligent dimming technology can prevent biological thermal burns.
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Ultrasonic Scalpel System
Ultrasunic Scalpel System

Ultrasonic Scalpel System uses intelligent feedback to generate optimal energy according to different tissue output to achieve the best cutting and hemostatic effect simultaneously. It enables better grasp and dissection of tissue and can safely seal vessels, including up to 5mm in diameter.
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Procedure Room Drape
Single Pivot Swing Arm Drape

The Single Pivot Swing Arm Drape enables quick and easy assembly with slide-on drape design and requires only 8 inches of railing for attachment. Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction, it creates a 26" wing of protection under the table and has a universal design that fits both sides of the table.
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Electrosurgical Generator
Smoke Shark II 120V

The Smoke Shark II 120V is an ultra-quiet generator for effective smoke and particulate removal with a modern, light-weight, compact design that allows for simplified use, storage and stack-ability. Its covered 3-port filter design accommodates a variety of tubing sizes [1/4″ (6.4mm), 3/8″ (9.5mm), and 7/8″ (22mm)], providing versatility in procedure and accessory setup.
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Electrosurgical Generator
Bovie OR|PRO 300

The Bovie OR|PRO 300 electrosurgical generator has been designed in conjunction with OR clinicians to provide a safe, user-friendly generator to meet all operating room procedure performance demands. The innovative energy-based device offers 13 modes of surgical energy delivery with special modalities including the advanced Bovie Bipolar, Auto Bipolar options and special laparoscopic modes to assist surgeons in tailoring all electrosurgery needs for their variety of surgical applications and user preferences.
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LED Surgical Light
MI 550 LED Series

The MI 550 LED Series surgical light emits pure white illumination at very low heat with an output rating of 55,000 lux at 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature. Engineered with “green” technology, the MI 550 uses significantly less electricity than standard halogen lights. The long-life LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours, virtually eliminating the need for inconvenient bulb changes.
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Urology C-Arm Table
Urology C-Arm Table 800

The Urology C-Arm Table – 800 designed for image-guided urologic procedures features a narrow Fiberesin tabletop that is cantilevered to accommodate portable or ceiling suspended C-Arms and features motorized actuation of height, X-Y, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions. The hand-held and foot-operated controllers can be positioned for access from any point around the table and ensure quick and safe tabletop positioning during any phase of a procedure.
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Surgical Bed
Atena AO100-1000

The Atena AO100-1000 surgical bed features an easy asepsis design with joints that allow the best positioning of the patient and work ergonomics for the user. Its easy-to-perform mechanical longitudinal displacement enables safe patient movement without the need for repositioning, allowing optimal access for the use of the Surgical Arc.
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Near-Patient Surgical Display

The AMM240ED is a 24-inch near-patient surgical display that is purpose-built for endoscopy imaging with LED backlights and featuring a 1920x1200 resolution. The cost-effective but extremely reliable display allows surgical video and images to be placed in Picture-by-Picture mode with independent adjustments.
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Dual Head Surgical Lighting System
Vision LED 120

The Vision LED 120 is a dual head surgical lighting system with convenient touchscreen controls that is designed for use in hospitals and surgery centers. Using the convenient LCD touchscreen, clinicians can easily adjust each light head’s illumination, and focus and position the light heads with removable, sterilizable handles.
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Portable Full-HD Monitor
Ambu aView 2 Advance

Ambu aView 2 Advance is a high-quality, portable full-HD monitor for single-use endoscopy that offers clear, sharp imaging of the patient’s anatomy. Advanced image processing with adaptive light control on a 12.8-inch anti-reflective touchscreen with full HD resolution helps ensure continuous optimization of image quality.
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LED Surgical Light
ACM-L6000 Series (LED)

The ACM-L6000 series (LED) surgical light features new LED technology that offers near to natural light along with adjustable table for illumination, color temperature and CRI. It features a double dome structure that provides shadowless light for operation and control over the operation area lighting.
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Universal Surgical Table

The ACM-T506 is a universal surgical table with a unique design featuring two kickout-pin oil cylinder at the base and advanced technology for stable oil flow with precise controller. Featuring a tabletop made of composite materials for X-ray imaging and interventional radiology, it offers the lowest position of 500mm, making it ideal for neurosurgery, ophthalmic, facial plastic and ENT applications.
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Operating Table

The OP750 operating table has a strong, impact resistant and corrosion resistant table that is easy to disinfect and clean. Its optional longitudinal function provides a wide scope for X-ray imaging and its pedal design reserves sufficient foot space to ensure stability of the operating table.
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