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ICU/CCU/OR Monitor
C80 ICU/CCU/OR Monitor

The C80 is an IPX1 level waterproof ICU/CCU/OR monitor that is equipped with a 12.1-inch LED touchscreen, handwriting pen, SD card port, USB port, convenient handle, and multiple mounting solutions. It offers over 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis and alarm event review, and hypoxemia report recording to aid in better diagnosis, along with review and print of 200 alarm events of arrhythmia and 2,000 groups of NIBP data, as well as 120 hours trend graph review.
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Surgical Monitor
Sony LMD-X2705MD

The Sony LMD-X2705MD is a 27-inch 4K LCD medical-grade surgical monitor that displays bright, high-quality 2D color images with true 4K resolution from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible medical imaging systems. Suitable for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures, it is intended for use in hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics, doctors’ offices, and similar medical environments.
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4K Surgical Display Monitor
Eizo CuratOR EX3140

The Eizo CuratOR® EX3140, a 31.1-inch 4K surgical display monitor has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times the size of a full HD monitor. 4K UHD endoscope and microscope images can be reproduced in high definition. Easily see fine details that are otherwise difficult to distinguish on full HD monitors. Ampronix is an Authorized Eizo Medical Solutions Reseller.
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ENT Treatment Unit
IU-3000 ENT Treatment Unit

The IU-3000 ENT Treatment Unit is designed for human body engineering and optimized for medical examinations, enabling the user to monitor patient reactions intuitively by using buttons linked to alert sounds. A built-in fail-system is created in case of malfunctions, so it can still be employed for a stable examination.
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Medical Microscope
INSIGHT-μ+ (M-2100)

The INSIGHT-μ+ Medical Microscope features a German six joints arm system and a degree controlled ocular, which enables the microscope to move freely and help observe the affected area easily. With an optional digital camera or LCD monitor, one can save high-resolution images of an affected area, which is effective for otolaryngologists, dentists and more.
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Endoscopy LED Light Source

The INSIGHT-iL is a light engine made of optical fiber that illuminates an affected area with a high output, cool white LED source by connecting the source to a rigid endoscope. It has a user-friendly operation and simple design, and is compatible with optical fiber.
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Camera Controller
INSIGHT-i+ (CCU-2100)

The INSIGHT-i+ Camera Controller is a camera device that can be used to get diagnostic imaging or treat patients by rigid endoscopes in pediatrics, otolaryngologists, etc., and has the ability to zoom in/out and control the focus by using the zoom lens. Also, it can support full HD resolution images and capture video up to 60 FPS, allowing the images/videos to be saved in an external portable flash drive.
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Endoscopy Camera
INSIGHT-i (CCU-2000)

The INSIGHT-i Endoscopy Camera is an all-in-one system with Full-HD camera, a medical light source and endoscope that allows the user to enhance the accuracy of endoscopic diagnosis. In addition, its ergonomic design is perfectly optimized for various medical environments.
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Surgical Monitor

The PAX-355 is a 55-inch widescreen medical-grade surgical monitor designed for medical imaging applications to ensure operating precision. Built for high operability, it supports 4 x HDMI 1.4 input channels with UHD resolution. Equipped with true RGB color, DICOM GSDF-compliant 14-bit LUT processing grayscale, hardware calibration support, and automatic input source detection, the PAX-355 surgical monitor ensures precise representation of grayscale images for surgical applications.
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Medical Grade Video Streamer

The AVAS-212 Medical Grade Video Streamer is an IP-based data transmission system with a single-cable distribution architecture designed for operating rooms. This system supports video, audio, and control signal streaming with low latency and allows rapid switching between streams. Moreover, video data can be transmitted over 10 Gigabit Ethernet without compression or data loss.
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Medical Grade Video Recorder

The AVAS-401 medical-grade 4K UHD video recorder supports 4Kp60 resolution to display images with greater accuracy and clarity, and is capable of recording videos from multiple sources simultaneously. It is ideal for surgery centers, operating rooms, and training facilities that use 4K UHD cameras and display monitors for surgical operations and post-surgery reviews and research.
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Medical Grade Video Recorder

The AVAS-402 medical-grade 4K UHD video recorder provides support for 4Kp60 resolution to display images with greater accuracy and clarity. It is capable of recording videos from multiple sources simultaneously, and offers auto video signal detection and resolution, as well as provision of open SDKs and APIs to ensure easy system integration.
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Surgical Table
TruSystem 7500 SensorLine

The TruSystem 7500 SensorLine surgical table offers intelligent functionality for increased safety and flexibility with configurable functions to adapt to all needs. Its features include overload protection, collision monitoring, increased adjustment speeds, iso-centric tilt, extended X-ray range and longitudient travel, among others.
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Suction Foot Pedal

The VacUp suction foot pedal is operated on the floor, preferably with the foot, providing intense vacuum from the first compression and features a sweep-vacuum gauge with scale indicator (bar, cmHg, kPa). It is ideal for use as a portable vacuum unit in healthcare facilities (surgery, gynecology, ENT), homes, ambulances, transportation and use in emergency situations.
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Suction Unit
V7 mx

The V7 mx high vacuum portable suction unit featuring an ABS ergonomically designed case is specifically intended for ambulance, transport and emergency field use. The oil-free and maintenance-free unit comes with a piston type suction pump, vacuum control knob, vacuum gauge, and a water-proof ON/OFF switch with guard.
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