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Surgery LED Light

The LUVIS L400 major surgery LED light system features 96 LEDs with a life span of 60,000 hours and a maximum light intensity of 160,000 LUX at 1 M. Available for single ceiling, dual ceiling and mobile installation, it has a color temperature of 3,600/4,200/4,800/5,400 and a head size of 73 cm.
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500 Series

La serie 500 está equipada con el sensor de imágenes CMOS para imágenes nítidas de alta definición con visibilidad mejorada de los bordes y mayores detalles. Cuenta con un chorro de agua con fuerte presión que ayuda a eliminar el quimo y el moco.
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Compression Therapy System

The Airpro is a clinically effective, non-invasive compression therapy system that is designed for the prevention of DVT, PE and secondary embolism. Widely applied to all types of major surgery, it can be used in the orthopedics, traumatology, urology and general surgery departments and is also suitable for alleviating limb edema, and lymphatic swelling.
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Senator Vacuum Pump

El sistema de Bomba de Vacío Senator tiene una capacidad de succión de 30 litros por minuto e incluye un interruptor de pedal, un carro, dos botellas, un soporte para botellas y una carcasa robusta. Asegura una baja vibración y un funcionamiento casi silencioso con un desgaste mínimo.
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Software Platform

The NUCLeUS is a scalable, future-proof and vendor-neutral software platform that streamlines the aggregation, management and distribution of high-quality video content up to 4K resolution across hospitals' fiber- or copper-based IP networks. It guides clinical staff through the planning, recording and sharing of any type of video, still images and other patient-related data in the operating room or cath lab, across the campus and beyond.
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Operating Table
Smarter Practico

The Smarter Practico is a versatile operating table that has been designed to improve ergonomics with the widest range of posture possibilities and is powered by smart controls that help work more fluently. It has an improved safe working load and width extenders to help treat every patient, regardless of their size and shape and is available in three different models, with motorized leg sections as option.
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Monitor Arm
Acrobat 3000

The Acrobat 3000 monitor arm is easily adjustable to correct viewing and operating position and can be moved away if necessary. It allows one or more displays to be installed while its flexible tilt angles provide optimal monitor positioning of the adjacent screens.
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Operating Table
Grand Promerix

The Grand Promerix is a heavy-duty, versatile operating table for all kind of surgical procedures with an improved ergonomic design that increases the comfort of the entire surgical team. Its renewed slim base gives the perfect C-arm access, while its redesigned frame, new bellows and seat section make the operating table hygienic and easy to clean.
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Smoke Evacuator System

The RapidVac smoke evacuator system is designed to effectively capture and filter surgical smoke to remove odor, particulates, and other potentially hazardous by-products of electrosurgery procedures. Using optional accessories for synchronization, it works with any electrosurgical generator to evacuate electrosurgical smoke and laser plume.
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Surgical Ablation System
Cardioblate 68000

The Cardioblate 68000 is a lightweight, portable surgical ablation system generator that is easy to set up and use, while its advanced dose-response algorithm ensures transmural lesions that consistently result in conduction block. It features touch screen operation for adjusting ablation parameters and provides audible tones and touch screen messages to notify the user of the ablation status, transmurality, and other critical information.
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Surgical Ablation System
Emprint SX Ablation Platform

The Emprint SX with Thermosphere technology is an integrated surgical navigation and ablation platform that reduces procedural complexity and improves the targeting accuracy of soft tissue ablation. Its navigation software improves successful antenna placement while its advanced 3-D tracking shows the position of the antenna and ultrasound transducer relative to the surgeon’s perspective in real time.
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Surgical Light

The LED5 MC large surgical light with LED technology provides high contrast and a life-like as well as precise illumination of the surgical field. It is available as multi-color LED (MC) to change the light color on demand and with a multi-facetted lens system for lowest shadiness in the light field.
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VivaScope 2500M-G4

The VivaScope 2500M-G4 is a confocal laser scanning microscope designed specifically for the analysis of diagnostic biopsies and the assessment of tumor margins during surgery. Tissue can be examined immediately after an excision without lengthy procedures, allowing for the direct assessment of tissue right in the operating room.
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Video Laryngoscope

The i-view single use, fully disposable video laryngoscope reduces the risk of cross infection and incorporates a Macintosh blade which allows it to also be used for direct laryngoscopy. Ready to use seconds after removing from the packaging, its ergonomic design ensures ease of use, while the integral LCD screen provides an optimal view in a variety of light conditions.
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Video Management Solution
CuratOR Alipe

The CuratOR Alipe IP-based video management solution transmits data without compression, ensuring optimum image quality, and is modularly expandable and scalable. In addition to the already available TIP0210-DVI (1920 x 1200 resolution support) and TIP0410-HDMI (up to 3840 x 2160 / 30 Hz resolution support), the TIP0810-HDMI supports signals of up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 60 Hz.
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