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Digital Trichoscope

The DE330T digital trichoscope is a special purpose digital camera combining high magnification polarizing lens and multiple ultra-bright LEDs. It streams TRUE 2.0 megapixel resolution live video (at 30fps) to a computer, enabling the user to view and record crystal clear images or videos and making it suitable for dermatology clinics, salons, and laboratories.
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Electric Operating Table
Comfort 200

The Comfort 200 electric operating table has a robust design with its base, column and accessories made of stainless steel. It has a fully radiolucent tabletop board and a unique structure for easy accessing of C-Arm and X-ray equipment with no shooting blind spots.
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Examination Light

The CLED Examination Light features an imported light source for efficient continuous lighting and balanced illumination, five stage adjustable dimming and energy control. Its intelligent control system allows the illuminance of the surgical light to be adjusted using a sterilizable control handle.
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Electric Operating Table

The YS-3 electric operating table features an imported electric hydraulic system and a rectangular column with a large sliding range. Safe and reliable, it offers smooth operation, low noise and a unique structure for easy accessing of C-Arm and X-ray equipment.
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LED Surgical Light

The OL9600 series LED surgical light offers realistic reduction of surgical tissue, ultra small and large light spot, and large scope of adjustment in color temperature and illumination. Its head block function provides more comfort to surgeons while its infrared induction control allows surgeons to have flexible control of the light intensity and light field.
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Electronic Surgical Table

The OP850 is an electronic surgical table with its metallic components, including the main frame, column cover, bottom cover and accessories, made of high quality stainless steel (304). The table automatically closes within 60 seconds without operation and its T-type base provides more space for the clinician's comfort and foot-space, making it suitable for thoracic, abdominal, cerebral, ophthalmic, ENT, obstetrics, gynecological, and urinary surgeries.
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Mobile Wireless Polarizing Dermatoscope
DE370 HD

The DE370 HD Mobile Wireless Polarizing Dermatoscope (Dermascope) is a special purpose digital video camera powered by high definition, 15x magnification optics and multiple ultra-bright LEDs. This innovative device streams high quality live video to an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet, enabling the user to view and record images and video. Popular applications include dermatology, clinical examinations, cosmetics, skin care and medical schools. It is also useful as a follicular scope to count hair follicles when conducting hair transplants, as well as in pre & post inspection for plastic surgery.
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Wireless Mobile Video Otoscope
DE570 HD

The DE570 HD Wireless Mobile Video Otoscope is a special purpose digital video camera combined with a high magnification lens and multiple ultra-bright LEDs, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Powered by high definition, 15x optical magnification optics, this innovative device streams high quality live video to a tablet or phone, enabling the user to view and record images or videos. These image and video files are stored on the phone or tablet, and are compatible with any EMR, making the DE570 the perfect companion for any clinic interested in documentation or tracking changes over time.
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Medical Grade Camera

The MKC-X800 medical grade camera is a 4K-native progressive-scan 1-CMOS model with an ultra-compact head designed to be operated from a remote CCU. Features include ultra-high resolution, sophisticated GUI and single cable 4K output.
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Medical Image & Video Recorder

The MKC-700HD is a high definition medical image and video recorder with a high-end medical grade camera used for surgical microscope, shadowless lamp, including the operative field camera system. It has a progressive scan Full-HD 3CMOS that can take advantage of a variety of medical situations.
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High Resolution Adaptors

The CFA-400 is a series of surgery microscope high resolution adaptors for three chips Full HD (High Definition) and 4K cameras with higher optical resolution. They equip the optical auto iris function and perform deeper focus depth with the Ikegami MKC camera series.
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Medical Image & Video Recorder

The MDR-600HD is a high definition medical image and video recorder that allows various types of video signals (SD & HD) to be recorded by simple operation. Reliable simultaneous recording and playback feature on internal HDD or external USB-device is also available.
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Cryosurgery Unit

The ERBECRYO 2 unit together with flexible single use probes is the next generation of Erbe cryo technology that is designed with a focus on reproducibility for improved freezing performance and standardization, and consistent target tissue effects. Target tissue can be frozen to the cryoprobe en face and tangentially, enabling clinical applications in challenging anatomy and hard to reach target areas.
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CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator
Erbe ECO 2

The Erbe ECO 2 CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator is a medical device that delivers CO2 via a gastrointestinal (GI) endoscope which reduces patient discomfort and post procedure recovery time. The user-friendly color touchscreen offers multiple options including a timer and various flow settings.
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Portable LED Headlight
DRE Xavier-C10

The DRE Xavier-C10 Portable LED Headlight provides physicians with a high intensity 10-watt LED mobile light source that is designed specifically for the operating room. The comfortable, lightweight design and long-life battery pack are good for hours of continuous use. Physicians wanting to supplement their existing surgical light set-up in the operating room will find that the DRE Xavier-C10 is one of the most powerful, comfortable and cost-effective LED headlight systems on the market today.
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