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Mobile Swallowing Diagnostics

The ATMOS FEES Cart mobile swallowing diagnostics is particularly suitable for users who perform swallowing diagnostics in a ward or practice environment and comes with a chip-on-tip endoscope stored in a quiver attached to the side. Thanks to the all-in-one, large-screen PC, users can view live images or analyze stored videos and prepare reports while the cart offers storage space and shelves as well as standard rails for accommodating additional equipment.
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Single-Use Duodenoscope
aScope Duodeno

aScope Duodeno is a sterile single-use duodenoscope for ERCP procedures that helps address concerns about patient cross-contamination and patient safety while delivering the performance of conventional duodenoscopes. Its rippled-surface handle and light weight (54% less than a typical reusable scope) make it ideal for control and comfort no matter how long the procedure, while its elevator control feature allows for precise positioning of accessories.
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Single-Use Endoscope
aScope 4 Broncho Large

The aScope 4 Broncho Large endoscope is a single-use, flexible, ready-to-go bronchoscopy solution that helps improve patient safety and simplifies workflow. With a working channel width of 2.8mm, it is suitable for the management of retained secretion and a wide range of procedures.
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CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator
Erbe ECO 2

The Erbe ECO 2 CO2 Endoscopic Insufflator is a medical device that delivers CO2 via a gastrointestinal (GI) endoscope which reduces patient discomfort and post procedure recovery time. The user-friendly color touchscreen offers multiple options including a timer and various flow settings.
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ALL-IN-ONE Endoscope System

TELE PACK+ is an ALL-IN-ONE system that combines a monitor, LED light source, FULL HD camera control unit and documentation with integrated network function in a portable and compact unit. A very strong feature is its compatibility with a wide range of rigid, flexible and single-use endoscopes. TELE PACK+ is suitable for universal use in doctors’ offices, day clinics, emergency rooms, intensive care units and outpatient settings.
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Ambu aScope 4 Cysto

The Ambu aScope 4 Cysto is a single-use flexible endoscope that offers clear and sharp imaging, smooth maneuverability and consistent quality. There is no deterioration affecting image or bending quality, and concerns of damaging expensive cystoscopes because with aScope 4 Cysto, the user gets a brand-new cystoscope for every procedure. High bending angles of 210°/120° and the varied stiffness of the insertion cord help the user maneuver and navigate smoothly in the urethra and bladder. When combined with the portable 12.8” HD Ambu aView 2 Advance monitor, there is no compromise on image quality. Also, because it is 100% sterile, aScope 4 Cysto eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.
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Flexiray Laryngoscopes

The Flexiray laryngoscopes with integrated fiber optic blades are reusable and autoclavable. They provide greater flexibility and improved control for difficult intubation.
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Endoscopic Visualization Solution
System Green

System Green is a visualization solution for real-time ICG/NIR fluorescence imaging with the ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera platform and meets the highest standards of endoscopic imaging. It is used in the field of minimally invasive surgery for applications, including intraoperative assessment of visceral perfusion (e.g., enteroanastomosis), visualization of biliary structures in fluorescence cholangiography, or lymph node mapping in oncological procedures (e.g., visualization of sentinel lymph nodes in case of lymphadenectomy).
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HD Monitor
aView 2 Advance

Ambu aView 2 Advance is a high-quality, portable full-HD monitor for single-use endoscopy that helps perform procedures across medical specialties confidently, streamline workflow and stay connected and updated. Its advanced image processing with adaptive light control on a 12.8-inch anti-reflective touchscreen ensures continuous optimization of the image quality.
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Broncho Sampler
aScope BronchoSampler

The aScope BronchoSampler improves workflow efficiency by allowing a single user to obtain a sample without having to switch between suction and sampling. The sterile, closed-loop system supports high-quality sampling by securing and protecting the sample from start to finish. Built for sampling, the aScope 4 Broncho comes with all critical sampling components for BAL and BW procedures.
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Medical Microscope
INSIGHT-μ+ (M-2100)

The INSIGHT-μ+ Medical Microscope features a German six joints arm system and a degree controlled ocular, which enables the microscope to move freely and help observe the affected area easily. With an optional digital camera or LCD monitor, one can save high-resolution images of an affected area, which is effective for otolaryngologists, dentists and more.
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Endoscopy LED Light Source

The INSIGHT-iL is a light engine made of optical fiber that illuminates an affected area with a high output, cool white LED source by connecting the source to a rigid endoscope. It has a user-friendly operation and simple design, and is compatible with optical fiber.
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Camera Controller
INSIGHT-i+ (CCU-2100)

The INSIGHT-i+ Camera Controller is a camera device that can be used to get diagnostic imaging or treat patients by rigid endoscopes in pediatrics, otolaryngologists, etc., and has the ability to zoom in/out and control the focus by using the zoom lens. Also, it can support full HD resolution images and capture video up to 60 FPS, allowing the images/videos to be saved in an external portable flash drive.
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Endoscopy Camera
INSIGHT-i (CCU-2000)

The INSIGHT-i Endoscopy Camera is an all-in-one system with Full-HD camera, a medical light source and endoscope that allows the user to enhance the accuracy of endoscopic diagnosis. In addition, its ergonomic design is perfectly optimized for various medical environments.
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Camera System
HSW Med-cam Endolux

The HSW Med-cam Endolux is a compact HD camera system with an integrated LED light source that makes it possible to take high-resolution images and archive them. Easy to use, it allows for image and video capture and has a long lifetime due to the use of LED technology.
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