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500 Series

The 500 Series endoscopes is equipped with the CMOS image sensor for high definition, sharp images with improved edge visibility and increased details. It features a waterjet with strong pressure that helps to wash off chyme and mucus, keeping the vision clean during routine and therapeutic examinations.
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The ATMOS Scope is a flexible endoscope/stroboscope with a special new shaped ergonomic handle that allows for more comfortable holding and simplifies daily working routine. The flexible endoscope integrates the individual components, LED light source, camera and microphone into an all-in-one-solution.
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Endoscopy Module
ATMOS Endoscopy

The ATMOS Endoscopy module (optional with LED technology) offers the perfect ergonomics for minimal space requirements with its compact design and provides excellent light quality. It features a sophisticated ventilation system due to which the endoscopy module is passively cooled, thus eliminating annoying (fan) noise and vibration.
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ENT Diagnostics Workstation
ATMOS Diagnostic Cube

The ATMOS Diagnostic Cube is an ENT diagnostics PC workstation with a central patient database that combines all diagnostic systems and can be used on the network from any PC due to network integration diagnostic results. Its innovative operating concepts, such as touch screen control or automatic detection of probe removal (iHandle), automatically control the measuring process and save time.
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aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim

The aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim is a single-use endoscope designed with a small 3.0mm outer diameter to help minimize patient discomfort during rhinolaryngoscopy procedures. It delivers high-quality imaging, is always ready for use and requires no reprocessing or repairs.
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Endoscopic Simulator
Simbionix GI Mentor

The Simbionix GI Mentor is an endoscopic medical simulator for the training of gastrointestinal upper and lower endoscopic procedures, offering a comprehensive library of modules with more than 120 tasks and virtual patient cases. The simulator provides multiple training opportunities with true to life patient cases offering realistic scenarios of clinical situations, ranging from fundamental diagnostic procedures to advanced ERCP procedures and Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) procedures.
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Endoscopic Phantom
Model ATS 570

The Model ATS 570 multi-purpose & endoscopic phantom is an easy, comprehensive means of evaluating imaging systems over most clinical imaging frequencies (approximately 2-20 MHz). The phantom is designed with a combination of monofilament line targets for distance measurements and tissue mimicking target structures of varying sizes and contrasts.
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Anesthesia Laryngoscope
Anesthesia Laryngoscope

The Anesthesia laryngoscope features a shatterproof display screen, an anti-bacterial handle design and disposable lens with sterilized packaging to improve safety and prevent cross infection. The lens has a unique fog-proof design, which saves time for emergency intubation without preheating and is made of 316 medical stainless steel that can be used more than 1,000 times.
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TGS Navigation System

El sistema TGS utiliza una tecnología de realidad aumentada para procedimientos funcionales de cirugía endoscópica de seno nasales. Combina el plan preoperatorio con la imagen endoscópica para ofrecer orientación anatómica, en tiempo real, directamente en el monitor quirúrgico.
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ELUXEO 700 series

La serie ELUXEO 700 presenta la tecnología CMOS chip-en-la-punta para la transmisión de imágenes sin ruido. Un conector de un solo paso permite conectar la pantalla al procesador para la transmisión inalámbrica de datos a alta velocidad.
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Video Nasopharyngoscope
Spectar Video Nasopharyngoscope XN HD

The Spectar Video Nasopharyngoscope XN HD has a shaft diameter of just 3.6 mm, allowing it to deliver true-color, high-contrast images that are accurate in detail and feature good depth of field. Its ergonomically angled handle, an image sensor featuring global-shutter technology, and a built-in microphone make it suitable for routine use in ENT and laryngeal stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics.
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El EVIS EXERA III proporciona compatibilidad en múltiples especialidades, incluida la endoscopia quirúrgica, la gastroenterología, la urología y la ORL. La plataforma soporta más de 100 endoscopios y cabezales de cámara, diferentes.
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El diseño del APA con cuchillas intercambiables ayuda a la intubación de las vías respiratorias rutinarias y difíciles. Su pantalla de visualización de alta resolución de 3,5 pulgadas proporciona una visión de ángulo amplio RT durante el procedimiento, lo que da como resultado una intubación más rápida y exitosa.
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Endoscopy System

The ELUXEO 7000 endoscopy system features Fujifilm’s innovative 4-LED multi light technology that supports advancing the standards of endoscopic imaging and is outstanding in terms of longevity and low energy consumption. The new LED light source reduces time-consuming and frequent changes of light bulbs with an average life expectancy of 10,000 hours for the LED lamps.
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Video Colonoscope
EC-760ZP-VM / VL

The EC-760ZP-VM / VL slim video colonoscope from the Eluxeo 700 series features the easy-to-operate multi zoom with 135 x maximum magnification to provide exceptional details of the mucosal and vascular patterns. Like the routine scope, it features the full range of functionalities, including flexible adjustment even with its slim diameter of 11.8 mm.
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