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Laser Surgery
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Thermal Ablation System

MedGyn’s MTA-100 Thermal Ablation System is a portable, lightweight device for the treatment of pre-cancerous lesions optimized for 20, 40, or 60 second intervals of treatment. In 2019, WHO issued new guidelines for the use of thermal ablation for cervical pre-cancerous lesions. While they continue to recommend cryotherapy, the WHO has offered thermal ablation as an alternative method of treatment for specific environments.
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Ultrasonic Surgical Device
DU-3 Series

The DU-3 Series ultrasonic energy device is an advanced surgical device for laparoscopic and open procedures featuring an enhanced seal mode, and a user-focused design with continuous 360 degree rotation wheel, lightweight and convenient grip. It also features a built-in transducer and different shaft lengths for user needs, while enabling rapid cutting and lower heating for minimal thermal injury and stable heat management.
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Ultra Electro Surgical Unit

The DUB-100 ultra electro surgical unit is designed for cutting, bipolar, ultrasonic coagulation of biological tissues. It features a foot switch for bipolar and ultrasonic modes to activate the device during cutting and coagulation while the output power and mode selection can be controlled through the color touch screen. The device can be used for laparoscopic and open surgical procedures, including ultrasound surgery.
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Electrosurgical Unit
VIO 100 C

The VIO 100 C is a compact generator with proprietary VIO modes designed for specialty outpatient practices. Compact and lightweight, it has up to four storable programs and enables return electrode monitoring.
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Electrosurgical Instrument

The APCapplicator electrosurgical instrument features a light-weight ergonomic design and allows for convenient activation of all functions using one hand. Its ReMode function enables convenient toggling between program settings and modes, making it ideal for open and laparoscopic procedures, from incision and mobilization, to tissue ablation and homogenous coagulation.
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Electrosurgical Unit

The EXCELL NHP/T range of electrosurgical unit for high surgery is composed of four models with touch-screen technology, including two models which are Argon integrated. Its capacity for making very thin slices makes it suitable for use in gynecology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, ORL, maxillofacial surgery, vascular surgery, general or thoracic surgery, pediatric surgery and emergency surgery.
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El ESU-400 presenta funciones monopolares y bipolares para satisfacer la mayoría de las demandas quirúrgicas. Se utiliza para realizar cortes y coagulación precisos durante los procedimientos quirúrgicos en quirófanos y centros ambulatorios.
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Electrosurgical Unit

The SRD3000 electrosurgical unit is integrated with innovative control technology of dual closed-loop auto power and offers the perfect combination of smooth & refined cutting and rapid coagulation effect. Designed for gynecologic and laparoscopic operations, it features a convenient smoker tube holder and in-built smoke evacuator with low working noise.
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Electrosurgical System
VIO 200 S

The VIO 200 S electrosurgical system features Constant Voltage Regulation with Power Dosing to automatically deliver the lowest effective adjusted power output in all modes, including both CUT and COAG. Other features include up to nine storable programs and a user-friendly interface that reduces visual information to the essentials, thereby simplifying its operation.
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VIO 300 D

El VIO 300 D ofrece la salida de potencia ajustada efectiva más baja en todos los modos, incluidos tanto el CUT como el COAG. También cuenta con tecnología de reconocimiento de chispa que detecta la formación de arcos microeléctricos.
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El VIO 3 presenta una interfaz de usuario que reacciona inmediatamente a los cambios en los parámetros del tejido durante las intervenciones quirúrgicas. Muestra todos los instrumentos activos durante la operación y sugiere configuraciones experimentadas utilizadas en varias aplicaciones.
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Sistema laser
MegaPulse 70+

El MegaPulse 70+ cuenta con detalles que mejoran el manejo, aumentan la seguridad y ahorran tiempo en el quirófano. Es ideal para el tratamiento de cálculos y de HPB en urología, así como otras intervenciones en una variedad de especialidades.
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Electrosurgical Generator

The ESG-300 electrosurgical device is designed exclusively for GI and pulmonary, and includes all of the modes and settings required by physicians performing advanced therapeutic procedures, including those that may require argon plasma coagulation (APC). Its intuitive touch screen provides ease of use for setting up physician-specific procedures along with making adjustments when required for a more effective procedure, while its large, easy to read graphical interface offers increased setting visibility.
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Plasma Coagulator

The EK-55A argon plasma coagulator is used with argon-compatible electrosurgical devices, with less surgical smoke and tissue damage for immediate and effective coagulation. Its infrastructure is suitable for using two argon tubes and it is ideal for use in laparoscopic and open surgeries.
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Dispositivo electroquirurgico

El LS2000 está diseñado para el procedimiento de escisión electroquirúrgica en ginecología. Con hasta 150 vatios de salida, funciones automáticas de seguimiento y compensación de corriente, puede realizar corte y coagulación de alta precisión con menor riesgo de daño térmico.
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