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Trendelenburg System
Oasis Elite Trendelenburg System

The Oasis Elite Trendelenburg System is designed to overcome the challenges presented by the Trendelenburg position, primarily patient slippage, nerve injury and the formation of decubitus sores. It holds the patient securely in a lateral tilt and is suitable for all models of operating table, making it ideal for abdominal, gynecological and robotic-assisted surgery.
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Head Rest
Oasis Elite

The Oasis Elite supine head rest is designed for positioning the patient during eye surgery and other supine procedures. Ergonomically shaped to position the patient's head while effectively protecting against the onset of pressure sores, it is available for adults and adolescents.
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Ceiling Lift System
GoLift In The OR

The GoLift In The OR is a ceiling lift system that allows the caregiver to safely and effortlessly transfer a patient weighing up to 700lbs (318 kg) on a single lift, as well as address infection prevention and control requirements. Its smooth edges and round corners, carry bar, capacitive touch hand control and elimination of crevices minimizes the transmission of microorganisms and maximizes effective cleaning.
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Spine Product
Allen 4-Post System

The Allen 4-Post System is a lightweight, versatile platform that attaches to an OR table via short or long attachment straps and allows the surgeon to place patients in a prone or lateral spine position. It is designed to allow the patient's abdomen to hang freely, which may help reduce vena caval pressure during surgery.
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Lift-Assist Beach Chair

The Allen Lift-Assist Beach Chair is designed for use with orthopedic procedures using the Fowler’s or beach chair position and offers unobstructed access. Its Lift-Assist mechanism makes repositioning the patient quick and easy, while the Lateral Slide feature enables the surgeon to move the patient closer to the edge of the OR table for increased surgical site access.
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Ceiling Pendant
V Series

The V Series Ceiling Pendant comes with a hinged back door to provide easy access to all internal components, allowing for hassle-free maintenance. Its electric braking system with an ergonomic control handle on the console allows for easy maneuverability and no drift when brakes are engaged.
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Operating Table

The OT-30 is a manual universal operating table designed to assist medical personnel during a surgical procedures and features stainless steel construction, accessory rails on both sides and hydraulic mechanism for height adjustment. It is used in operating rooms, same day surgical centers and labor & delivery centers and is suitable for most surgical procedures including, chest, abdomen, nose, throat, gynecology and obstetrics, urology, and orthopedics.
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Anesthesia Laryngoscope
Anesthesia Laryngoscope

The Anesthesia laryngoscope features a shatterproof display screen, an anti-bacterial handle design and disposable lens with sterilized packaging to improve safety and prevent cross infection. The lens has a unique fog-proof design, which saves time for emergency intubation without preheating and is made of 316 medical stainless steel that can be used more than 1,000 times.
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Instrument Navigator

The VirtuTRAX instrument navigator tracks the instrument tip using electromagnetic technology and real-time navigation in the interventional suite, enabling safe and precise placement of instruments during each procedure for physicians. The intuitive two-part system allows physicians to more precisely track the tip of any rigid instrument such as biopsy needle or RFA probe as it is being directed to a targeted anatomical area.
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Maquet Volista

La Maquet Volista proporciona una iluminación consistente de color natural durante todo el procedimiento quirúrgico para ayudar a los cirujanos a visualizar claramente el sitio quirúrgico sin fatiga visual. Está disponible en dos versiones y dos tamaños de cabezal de luz.
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Surgical Light

The SL-300 surgical lights consist of fiberglass flame-retardant domes designed for high performance in the operative field and features a focusing system adjustable through a removable and autoclavable focusing handle. Its LED bulbs are specially designed for medical applications with adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5000K and connected in parallel so that even if one bulb fails, the others remain on.
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Trocar System
TRINOX Trocar System

The TRINOX Trocar System offers a high degree of functionality and reliability, and is easy to handle with no additional handle to open/close. Made of stainless steel and almost indestructible, it is available in all necessary types, lengths and diameters along with a large range of accessories.
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Minor Procedure Light
Green Series 600

The Green Series 600 minor procedure light with the ability to control the light output is designed specifically for demanding viewing conditions. It features three white LEDs in a wider head with an integrated handle for easy maneuverability with the aim of improving patient exams while reducing environmental impact.
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Gynecological Table

The JM-4F gynecological table is suitable for any kind of gynecological examination and operation, and makes ergonomic examination and diagnosis possible for the doctor. It features Visco elastic seamless mattress that ensures hygienic conditions and patient comfort, and can be easily cleaned in accordance with hospital decontamination rules.
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Mobile Operating Light

The DL-2MB mobile operating light features high LED technology to fulfill the lighting requirements of any kind of operation and allows for maximum lighting level by a single button. Its battery system runs automatically in case of electricity failure and provides continuous energy for 2.5 hours, while its multi-functional control panel allows for monitoring of battery status and adjusting lamp functions.
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