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Endoscopy LED Light Source

The INSIGHT-iL is a light engine made of optical fiber that illuminates an affected area with a high output, cool white LED source by connecting the source to a rigid endoscope. It has a user-friendly operation and simple design, and is compatible with optical fiber.
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Surgical Table
TruSystem 7500 SensorLine

The TruSystem 7500 SensorLine surgical table offers intelligent functionality for increased safety and flexibility with configurable functions to adapt to all needs. Its features include overload protection, collision monitoring, increased adjustment speeds, iso-centric tilt, extended X-ray range and longitudient travel, among others.
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Surgical Operating Table

The HFease-400 is an electro-hydraulic surgical operating table that can be set up and positioned easily with a remote controller and has an interchangeable top made of shape memory material for providing great comfort. With its highly stable hydraulic system, the system can precisely and quietly meet universal surgical-positioning needs such as in neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, minimal invasive surgery, hand & arm surgeries, etc.
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Light Source
AlphaLED Universal

The AlphaLED Universal light source uses innovative LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology that eliminates changing of the lamp module. Its life time of a minimum 25,000 hours reduces its service costs and it comes with a universal light cable adapter.
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Operating Table

The FLARE operating table features an ultra-thin, fully transparent, floating tabletop made of carbon fiber and a joystick for choosing the right table position. Its low base, slim and profiled tabletop, no metal elements in its construction, high sliding parameters, and comfortable joystick ensure easy cooperation with the C-arm.
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Operating Table

The Hyperion operating table features mobiWeight™ technology which guarantees a maximum load capacity of 500 kg and maintains a high degree of maneuverability. Designed with the latest surgical trends in mind, its wide bed pallet can be additionally extended using dedicated accessories, making it ideal for bariatric surgery.
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LED Down Lighting
Med-Vizion ZXR

The Med-Vizion ZXR LED down lighting is specially designed for MRI suite applications and produces the equivalent of a 175 watt incandescent light using only 32 watts of power. The high-performance, light-emitting diode down light has no UV, IR, or RF emissions, and features engineered heat displacement, which prevents premature LED failure.
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Electrosurgical Unit
VIO 100 C

The VIO 100 C is a compact generator with proprietary VIO modes designed for specialty outpatient practices. Compact and lightweight, it has up to four storable programs and enables return electrode monitoring.
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Electrosurgical Instrument

The APCapplicator electrosurgical instrument features a light-weight ergonomic design and allows for convenient activation of all functions using one hand. Its ReMode function enables convenient toggling between program settings and modes, making it ideal for open and laparoscopic procedures, from incision and mobilization, to tissue ablation and homogenous coagulation.
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Multi-Function Probe

The HybridKnife multi-function probe combines the VIO electrosurgical system and the ERBEJET 2 hydrosurgery system in a single instrument for endoscopic surgery. It offers high pressure needle-free injection and allows the user to cut and coagulate with the company’s proprietary voltage and spark control.
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Surgical Headlamp
Qubit Warm (PLT-80F)

The Qubit Warm (PLT-80F) warm cordless LED surgical headlamp provides 80,000+ lux of pure homogenous light at 4500 degrees Kelvin for true tissue color rendition and reduced eye fatigue. Its pivot bracket provides unlimited adjustability to accommodate individual height and angle of view requirements.
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Surgical Headlight
Quasar Warm (PLT-115A)

The Quasar Warm (PLT-115A) cordless surgical headlight provides 115,000 lux of pure homogenous light at 4500 degrees Kelvin for true tissue color rendition and reduced eye fatigue. Lightweight and perfectly balanced for comfort, it allows for complete mobility in the OR with no tether to any light source.
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Surgical Headlight
Quantum Warm (PLT-175A)

The Quantum Warm (PLT-175A) LED surgical headlight provides 175,000+ lux of pure homogenous light at 4500 degrees Kelvin for true tissue color rendition and reduced eye fatigue. It allows for complete mobility in the OR with no tether to any light source and offers co-axial alignment for maximum light penetration.
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Surgery Light
DRE Vision LED

The DRE Vision LED is a large diameter surgery light system offering five-stage dimming and exceptional shadow control, along with an autoclavable handle for easily controlling its positioning and brightness. The light emits virtually no radiant heat, keeping clinicians cool and comfortable even during lengthy surgical procedures, and is available in an array of mounting options for large surgery suites and operating rooms.
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Imaging Table
ATS Trinity

The ATS Trinity imaging table features a C-arm compatible carbon fiber table top with a 550 pound lift capacity and is equipped with a motorized four-way floating top to maximize patient imaging access. It is mobile on four anti-static castors with a floor lock system to brace the table in place with unyielding stability.
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