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OB/GYN Delivery Table
DT 100

The DT 100 is a flexible squatting delivery table designed for use in maternity wards and labor rooms that comes with an array of user-friendly features, such as height adjustment, detachable calf supports and leg rests, and U-cut seat. It has an optional emergency CPR release feature on the back rest designed for critical situations and optional battery backup that supports up to 50 movements.
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LED Operating Light

The NEXUS operating light with an LED light source feature light-weight, ergonomic light heads as well as comfortable handles to enable easy and precise set-up and positioning during surgery. Its ergonomic shape minimizes disruption of laminar airflow in the operating theater, while its resistance to environmental factors guarantees ease of disinfection and maintenance of hygiene.
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Operating Table

The VIVAX OT-02 operating table is powered by an electro hydraulic system which can control a range of table movements, including height adjustment and table top tilts. It features a standard “T” base with five antistatic castors and foot-operated central brake, and table top, base and column covers made of matt polished stainless steel.
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Operating Table

The FENIX OT-01 operating table is powered by a hydraulic system, operated via a foot position selector and foot levers to control a range of table movements, including height adjustment and table top tilts. Optional table tops and bases, along with a wide range of additional accessories, make the operating table suitable for generalist and specialist surgical procedures.
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Lampara de operacion

La MF-13 cuenta con lentes facetadas para garantizar la homogeneidad y el menor sombreado en el campo de luz. Los sistemas ópticos separados generan su propio campo de luz, lo que aumenta su contraste y permite que se alcancen intensidades de luz de 100.000 Lux.
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Mesas quirurgicas

La gama INP-ME presenta una superficie de mesa radiotransparente dividida en cuatro secciones y una base de acero inoxidable. Otras características incluyen un perfil estructural con guías lineales y un chasis hecho de placas de acero con refuerzo estructural.
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Surgical Lights

The INP-MASTER / SL 300 surgical lights consist of fiberglass flame-retardant domes, designed for high performance in operation theaters, and feature specially-designed LEDs for medical applications with adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5000K. The LED bulbs are connected in parallel so that should one bulb fail, the others remain on and allow to differentiate the tissue with accurate color reproduction that does not change the natural color of the blood or other tissues during surgery.
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Procedure Light
Green Series 900

The Green Series 900 procedure light features six intensity-controlled white LEDs that do not require replacement and are brighter light than halogen while consuming less energy for improved efficiency. Its outstanding durability, extraordinary maneuverability, unparalleled spot quality and multiple mounting options make it suitable for the most rigorous medical setting.
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Mesa de operaciones

La OM-6N está diseñado para ofrecer ajustes que permiten lograr posiciones adecuadas para llevar a cabo todas las operaciones quirúrgicas. Su cuerpo telescópico permite el ajuste de altura en diferentes niveles para cumplir con los requisitos del paciente y del usuario y maximizar la eficiencia.
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Supply Unit
TruPort Boom

The TruPort Boom features a highly flexible, modular design that allows all low-voltage, electrical, and medical gas modules to be interchanged at any time - even after installation. Its space-saving design makes it an ideal solution for anesthesia, perfusion, or utility workstations.
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Luz de examen LED
TruLight 1000

La TruLight 1000 está equipado con tecnología LED y matriz multi-lente para garantizar una distribución uniforme de la luz. La larga vida útil, el bajo consumo de energía y la baja producción de calor la hacen ideal para las salas de examen y las UCI, así como para las clínicas y consultorios.
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Surgical Table
TruSystem 7500 SensorLine System Table

The TruSystem 7500 SensorLine System Table is a safe, intuitive and ergonomic surgical table with features such as integrated collision recognition and avoidance for increased patient safety during surgery. It also issues an automatic overload warning when the load exceeds the capacity or is not distributed properly on the column.
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Mobile Radiographic Table

The Z-Table is a mobile radiographic table specifically designed for U-arm and straight arm X-ray systems with a four-way float top that offers maximum flexibility to position patients and can be locked via foot pedal control. The CE Marked and USFDA approved table with a patient capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg) does not require power and features large casters that roll easily and are lockable by color-indicated foot controls.
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Modular Surgical Solution

The triathlon is the world's first modular surgical comprehensive solution in the market that combines the knowledge of intelligent and highly complex surgical workflows with the best technical equipment. Be it for spinal surgery or performing complicated hip or knee surgery or in trauma and emergency surgery, triathlon creates an intelligent, modular OR concept that ensures the best patient care even during complex and sophisticated procedures.
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LED Examination Light
Aurinio L 50

The Aurinio L 50 LED examination light combines the advantages of cool light with the longevity of LED technology. Available as a ceiling/wall-mounted or mobile luminaire, both the variants come with an integrated three-step dimmer and provide 40,000 hours of cool light.
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