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Surgical Light

L6 surgical light features natural light mixing technology based on the conventional LED light source that integrates the light source with four different color shades into one lamp bead and pre-mixed in the convex lens to maintain a stable white light throughout the lighting path. This provides a more intense color rendering effect than conventional light sources. Doctors can choose to focus on different tissue structures such as heart, blood vessels, fat, etc. to enhance the display effect of the key tissues and weaken the color rendering of other tissues.
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LED Surgical Light
TruLight 3000

TruLight 3000 surgical light combines light performance and efficiency, making it a reliable and flexible solution for typical surgical environments. Its powerful LEDs emit a high light output while simultaneously producing a small amount of heat, which enables a longer life cycle. It can manually adapt to three general working distances - Near, Normal, and Far – and is ideal for emergency rooms, trauma, ambulatory centers, or intensive care units.
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Precision Surgical Table
PST 500

PST 500 is a versatile, easy-to-use precision surgical table that supports a wide range of positions across various surgical applications and comes with a 454 kg (1,000 lb) weight capacity, collision monitoring, and self-leveling floor locking system. Its modular design, ergonomic handling, 360° imaging, and light messaging system help you streamline workflow and see more patients, faster.
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Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System
VirtuoSaph Plus

The VirtuoSaph Plus Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System integrates key design functions with the knowledge and experience that contribute to successful endoscopic vessel harvesting of the saphenous vein for coronary and peripheral artery bypass grafting. The ergonomic and user friendly device controls hemostasis, limits thermal spread, achieves atraumatic dissecting and harvesting, and reduces risk of CO2 embolism and intraluminal thrombus.
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C-Arm Surgical Imaging Table
Medstone5 CV

The Medstone5 CV C-arm surgical imaging tables contribute to enhance efficiency in the OR, offering motorized movements together with auto horizontal and center home positioning. The patient can be positioned using intuitive controls for vibration-free tabletop movements that maintain high quality imaging throughout.
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C-Arm Surgical Imaging Table
Medstone4 URO

The Medstone4 URO C-arm surgical imaging tables contribute to enhance efficiency in the OR, with each part of the table developed using the latest Swedish technology for various image guided applications. With intuitive positioning and crisp imaging that is maintained throughout table movement, each procedure can be completed in less time.
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C-Arm Table
Medstone3 PM

The Medstone3 PM C-arm tables are easy to use, enabling improved efficiency and shorter procedure time in the OR. Intuitive controls are used for easy motorized positioning of the patient and moving the tabletop. Image quality and clarity is maintained throughout the procedure, thanks to completely vibration-free movements. The different Medstone PM tables offer a variety of horizontal movements, rotation and tilt.
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4-LED Light Source

The VLS-55 is a 4-LED light source that enables multi-spectrum and multi-mode imaging and offers a boosted image performance and extended life span without the need for bulb replacement for a long time. Its versatility not only allows a superior brightness under the White Light mode, but also an uncompromised illumination under chromoendoscopy modes SFI1 and VIST2, where the vascular color contrast and mucosal structure are greatly enhanced.
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Electrically-Operated Positioning Aid

The RotexTable is the first electrically-operated positioning aid for surgeons for use during hip operations, such as hip arthroscopy or endoprosthetics. It enables the hip to remain safely in an ideal position during hip arthroscopy which can be a minimally invasive, but complicated procedure.
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Patient Positioning Solution
Schaerer CSF (Carbon Spine Frame )

The Schaerer CSF Carbon Spine Frame for the ARCUS and AXIS series of operating tables is a Patient Positioning Solution for use in spine surgery. It offers motorized table top adjustment, unhindered access for the anesthetist and the C-arm, and up to 240kg/529lbs patient weight capacity without floor support.
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Surgical Light
Q-Flow Fluent

Q-Flow Fluent surgical light delivers a versatile user experience and comes with exciting features – all incorporated to offer excellent optical performance, fluent usability, while being optimally designed for air flow. Developed to fulfill the needs of the modern surgical team, Q-Flow Fluent offers comfortable working conditions and perfect tissue color rendering, all while being intuitive to use.
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Operating Light

The SunLED operating light is designed for general operation rooms and combines qualified OL features, which include natural white color temperature, great shadow management, and sufficient pattern size. It is equipped with full HD in-light cameras for capturing sharp images, smart intuitive surgical light control, complete thermal management and a laminar flow design to meet different surgical needs.
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Universal Surgical Table

C600 is a universal surgical table featuring ultra-low tabletop height and available in a variety of model configurations that allow more choices and applications. Offering excellent weight capacity, the versatile operating table is highly compatible with various accessories for all kinds of surgical needs.
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Operating Table

Emax300 is a versatile operating table with a stylish and compact outlook. Its entire frame and base cover of high-quality grade 304 stainless steel guarantee optimal hygiene. It is available in four different models that offer various function configurations, such as bilateral longitudinal electrical sliding, and auto-leveling functions.
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Motorized Hydraulic Operating Table

Ares8000 is a high-performance modular and motorized hydraulic operating table with outstanding features for any surgical specialty. The modular base structure can be assembled with different modules into various multi-segment configurations. Its lightweight carbon fiber modules allow effortless installation and dismantling to maximize flexibility and efficiency of workflow.
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