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Portable LED Headlight
DRE Xavier-C10

The DRE Xavier-C10 Portable LED Headlight provides physicians with a high intensity 10-watt LED mobile light source that is designed specifically for the operating room. The comfortable, lightweight design and long-life battery pack are good for hours of continuous use. Physicians wanting to supplement their existing surgical light set-up in the operating room will find that the DRE Xavier-C10 is one of the most powerful, comfortable and cost-effective LED headlight systems on the market today.
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Universal Operating Table
DRE Lucerne 360

The DRE Lucerne 360 Universal Operating Table offers premium features for as much as 30% less than the cost of competing surgery tables. Crafted for quality, it provides intuitive movement and stability, setting new standards in patient positioning. It features a C-Arm compatible table top with a 225 kg (500 lb) lift capacity. The Lucerne 360 has many advanced positioning options, such as kidney bridge positioning, 360° horizontal rotation (180° each direction) and a horizontal slide motion that helps create a greater field of view for C-arm use.
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Patient Transfer System
Sage HalfMATS

The Sage HalfMATS mobile air transfer system is designed for easy transfer of surgical patients from surface to surface in the OR and address transfer needs during specialty procedures to achieve the best possible outcomes.
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Surgical Lighting System
DRE Maxx Luxx

The DRE Maxx Luxx LED surgical lighting system provides exceptional bright light with a lux output of 130,000 and a color temperature of 4,300° Kelvin while virtually eliminating heat. It features the latest advances in state-of-the-art surgery lighting with its LED technology rated for 50,000 hours provides reduced maintenance costs.
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LED Surgical Headlamp

The XLT-85F LED surgical headlamp has an illumination spot that provides 85,000 Lux with a fixed 2 inch diameter (measured at 14”), bringing light to the areas you need to see. Plus, the pivot bracket of the Enova XLT-85F headlamp provides unlimited adjustability to accommodate your individual height and angle of view requirements. Coaxial alignment (aligning illumination to the same plane as your vision) is a breeze with the XLT-85F with or without loupes.
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Smoke Evacuation System

The IES 3 smoke evacuation system eliminates 98.6 % of the smoke with evacuation 1 cm directly above the source. Its ULPA-15-filter removes 99.9995 % of the 0.1 μm particles in the operating room for a safe working environment.
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Operating Table
Famed OPTIMA (5.15)

The Famed OPTIMA (5.15) operating table can be controlled through the remote control with ease and locked in place effortlessly, while the modular tabletop segments can be quickly exchanged to suit the current case or use a full potential of 350 kg of a maximum load. Quick connectors in the tabletop make the exchange of the surgery-specific sections fast and easy. A variety of accessories dedicated to the OPTIMA allows it to be used in neurosurgery, orthopedic, cardiothoracic, ENT, MIS, bariatrics, gynecology or general surgery.
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Obstetric Table

The HForigin-104E multi-function obstetric table is designed for delivery purposes and is equipped with many handles and cross bar to fit different delivery positions. It can also be used as a regular operation table with the side boards folded down.
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Operating Table
Maquet Magnus Operating Table System

The Maquet Magnus Operating Table System offers unique X-ray conditions and ensures clear access to the operating field, offering the best support for the patient and surgical team. The patient can be transferred seamlessly throughout the entire hospital and between imaging modalities without repositioning. With inclination angles of up to 80° and tilt angles of up to 45°, which can also be combined, Maquet Magnus enables extreme positioning possibilities. In addition to that the lifting range from 535 to 1235 mm (21 to 48.6 in) with the stationary column, accomplished the offerings and grants for an ergonomic workbench. It bears patient weight up to 250kg (550 lbs) and in certain circumstances even up to 380kg (838 lbs). Its carbon-fiber table top supports interventions in endovascular and cardiovascular surgery as well as in interventional radiology, orthopedics and traumatology.
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Surgical Light
TriLite LS800 Series

TriLite LS800 series surgical light combines the latest LED optical technology with a professional design to meet the clinical needs of various surgery teams. Adopting the latest generation of LED materials, and through the open-design appearance and new lens arrangement, the TriLite LS800 delivers outstanding optical performance with an advanced cavity illumination, shadow correction, focus pattern, and cold IR-free light. The cold IR-free light prevents patients' wound tissues from dryness and necrosis due to illumination heat and minimizes discomfort for both surgical team and patient resulting from long hours of operation.
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Operating Table
TS 7000dV

The TS 7000dV Operating Table is designed to work with Integrated Table Motion for the da Vinci Xi,® Surgical System, giving better access, flexibility and communication during robotic-assisted procedures. Integrated Table Motion enables the da Vinci Xi,® Surgical System to connect to the TS 7000dV OR Table so that a patient can be dynamically positioned while the surgeon operates.
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Surgical Blade Handle
Blade Handles for Surgical Blades

Feather offers various types of Blade Handles for Surgical Blades to meet diverse needs with each one scientifically designed for smooth loading, functional handling ease and perfect balance. The handles are made of stainless steel to assure long life service and the blade integrates into the handle to form a single instrument.
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Disposable Scalpel
Feather Disposable Scalpels

Feather Disposable Scalpels are the last word in precision and have been designed after utilizing feedback from surgeons, featuring the sharpest cutting edge available today. Their well-balanced construction, remarkable durability and in-the-package sterility further enhance total performance. The highly economical, throw-away scalpels provide unsurpassed quality and uniformity, with each scalpel sterile and ready for use as soon as it is removed from the pull-apart aluminum wrapper.
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Disposable Microtome Knives
Feather Disposable Microtome Knives

Feather Disposable Microtome Knives represent a great innovation in microtomy and consist of special disposable blades and holder. State-of-the-art Feather sharpening technology gives the blades unsurpassed cutting performance. The disposable blade design eliminates troublesome grinding for speedier sectioning of specimens and substantially higher operating efficiency.
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Feather Skin Scraper

Feather Skin Scraper is a spatula suitable for tissue collection for diagnosis of mycosis with a 1mm thickness that allows firm and easy tissue collection. The autoclavable spatula has a edge that is not sharpened and can be safely used without cutting skin.
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