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Portable Suction Unit

ASKIR 118-WM is a portable suction unit for the oral, nasal and tracheal aspiration of body liquids in adults or children and is specifically designed for use in ambulance car and emergency. Its large LCD for clear reading of vacuum values along with soft keys for vacuum adjustment increase the accuracy of aspiration. The combination of a lightweight lithium-ion battery with innovating FEEDBACK system that controls and manages the power of aspiration provides long autonomy of the battery and quiet noise levels during operation.
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Suction & Irrigation Pump
Multi Flow Pump

The Multi Flow Pump is a multifunctional suction and irrigation pump that covers four specialties in one device, including laparoscopy, arthroscopy, hysteroscopy and/or ureteroscopy. It features cutting-edge transponder technology and intelligent irrigation bag monitoring for maximum safety, along with a large color display and sensitive touch screen for ease of operation.
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Surgical Aspirator

The MEDAP TWISTA SP 1070 is a particularly powerful surgical aspirator specially designed for reliable continuous operation in the operating room. Large amounts of septic fluid, blood and serous fluids, including the particles therein, can be suctioned quickly, quietly, and over a long period of time.
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Vacuum Suction System
Vacufix Chamber

The Vacufix Chamber is a vacuum suction system for collection of fluids that provides a constant vacuum level. It features housing made of impact-resistant polyurethane and a glass pane made of Securit, along with a practical handle for secure handling.
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Portable Drainage Collector
Atrium Express

The Atrium Express Dry Seal Chest Drain offers knock-over protection with an innovative system of knock-over nozzles that help reduce inter-chamber spills and allow safe transport. In addition to offering quick and convenient set-up with patient protection, it integrates precision dry suction regulation and a dry seal one-way valve technology for patient safety.
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Suction Fluid Management System
Alpha Versa Pump

The Alpha Versa Pump is a multi functional pump that combines four applications (laparoscopy, gynecology, urology and arthroscopy) in one unit that can be configured individually to fit the needs of the user. Additionally, easy handling and control of the indication screen gives surgeons a reliable, simple and safe operation workflow.
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Surgical Suction Pump
EuroVac H-40

The EuroVac H-40 surgical suction pump is a electric, high-vacuum and high-flow suction pump designed as a suction device for operation rooms where a high-suction capability and a rapid response is required.
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Broncho Sampler
aScope BronchoSampler

The aScope BronchoSampler improves workflow efficiency by allowing a single user to obtain a sample without having to switch between suction and sampling. The sterile, closed-loop system supports high-quality sampling by securing and protecting the sample from start to finish. Built for sampling, the aScope 4 Broncho comes with all critical sampling components for BAL and BW procedures.
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Suction Foot Pedal

The VacUp suction foot pedal is operated on the floor, preferably with the foot, providing intense vacuum from the first compression and features a sweep-vacuum gauge with scale indicator (bar, cmHg, kPa). It is ideal for use as a portable vacuum unit in healthcare facilities (surgery, gynecology, ENT), homes, ambulances, transportation and use in emergency situations.
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Suction Unit
V7 mx

The V7 mx high vacuum portable suction unit featuring an ABS ergonomically designed case is specifically intended for ambulance, transport and emergency field use. The oil-free and maintenance-free unit comes with a piston type suction pump, vacuum control knob, vacuum gauge, and a water-proof ON/OFF switch with guard.
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Suction Pump
EuroVac H-90

The EuroVac H-90 electric, high-vacuum and high-flow surgical suction pump is designed as suction devices for operation rooms where high-suction capability and rapid response is required. It features a monoblock chassis concept design in high-density polyethylene, making it scratch and impact resistant.
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Suction & Irrigation Pump
AlphaPurgator Plus II

The AlphaPurgator Plus II suction- and irrigation-pump combines the advantages of a vacuum with those of a peristaltic pump on the irrigation side, resulting in a reliable and high-performance unit which works almost completely silent. A special highlight is the contact-free acquisition of irrigation pressure by the roller pump that is automatically activated whenever the irrigation pressure in the tubing declines, enabling direct control by the irrigation instrument used and rendering a footswitch unnecessary.
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Suction Device

The ACCUVAC Lite is a medical suction device for clearing the airway and features rugged housing and intelligent accommodation of the secretion canister and suction tube. It supports emergency medical services by also allowing it to be used to evacuate vacuum splints and vacuum mattresses, making it ideal for emergency medical services.
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Suction Pump

The MANUVAC is a manual suction pump that does not require an electrical power source and can be operated easily and reliably using the hand, knee, or foot. It features a two-stage suction tube to extract coarser particles along with a removable secretion container and is maintenance-free, which means there are no follow-up costs.
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Surgical Smoke Evacuator

The ViroVac surgical smoke evacuator features a customizable (variable) filter life, compact shelf design and three-port filter with filter life tracking technology. Its compact design allows for easy placement on shelf or counter and accommodates stackability, while its two button design makes the system easy to operate.
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