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OR Video/Recording Systems
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White Light Endoscopic Imaging System
OptoMedic104K WhtNavi White Light Endoscopic Imaging System

The OptoMedic 104K WhtNavi white light endoscopic imaging system is intended to be used with endoscope, monitor, endo-intervention accessories, and other auxiliary equipment for real-time visible observation, diagnosis, treatment and image recording. 4K high resolution offers more accurate qualitative white light imaging without flickering or delay, and its patented intelligent dimming technology can prevent biological thermal burns.
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Near-Patient Surgical Display

The AMM240ED is a 24-inch near-patient surgical display that is purpose-built for endoscopy imaging with LED backlights and featuring a 1920x1200 resolution. The cost-effective but extremely reliable display allows surgical video and images to be placed in Picture-by-Picture mode with independent adjustments.
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Portable Full-HD Monitor
Ambu aView 2 Advance

Ambu aView 2 Advance is a high-quality, portable full-HD monitor for single-use endoscopy that offers clear, sharp imaging of the patient’s anatomy. Advanced image processing with adaptive light control on a 12.8-inch anti-reflective touchscreen with full HD resolution helps ensure continuous optimization of image quality.
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Video Colposcope

The VC-1000 video colposcope with acetic and acid iodine reaction test timer, single aperture light source, and electronic green filter enhances vascular image display. It offers integrative management of captured display images, editing, saving and printing, dynamic, playback, comparison analyzing, statistic and colposcopy report.
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FULL HD Microscope Camera

The H3-M COVIEW is a FULL HD microscope camera that is part of the IMAGE1 S FULL HD camera platform and is equipped with the latest technologies. The high-quality imaging system allows assistants and OR nurses to follow along with surgical steps, and also allows images and videos to be saved or transmitted from the operating room to a lecture hall.
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Full HD 2D/3D Medical Recorder

The HVO-3300MT is a Full HD 2D/3D medical recorder that allows clinicians to capture high quality 3D or 2D images acquired with 3D/2D endoscopic camera systems, surgical microscopes, and other compatible medical imaging systems in Full HD. It is capable of recording 3D or 2D images with Full HD resolution from a connected modality onto its high-capacity internal hard drive. Video footage can also be stored simultaneously on up to two external media devices, including Blu-ray Disc/DVD, USB memory or a hospital server for easy sharing.
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Full HD Surgical Video Camera

The MCC-1000MD is a two-piece Full HD surgical video camera that features the latest generation image sensor technology offering enhanced low-light sensitivity compared to traditional cameras on the market. Designed for medical microsurgical applications including ophthalmology and neurology procedures, its compact and lightweight design allows the C-mount head to be easily mounted on most existing surgical microscopes.
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Video Management & Documentation System

The VIMA HD is a medical grade all-in-one full HD video management and documentation system with an intuitive user interface and zero latency and lossless video transmission. It combines a video matrix with one of the leading pro-AV technologies HDBaseT to benefit from long distance high quality video & audio, controls and USB transmission and to provide power over Ethernet and a 1G Ethernet channel – all via one CAT cable.
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Integrated OR Management Platform
VIMA 4K Platform

The VIMA 4K Platform for integrated OR management for OEMs and system integrators is a compact single device that manages all types of media and data streams creating the most open, flexible and powerful hybrid video matrix and video over IP solution, enabling interoperability with third-party applications over standard network protocols. One platform offers multiple configurations from a simple 4K video matrix to a fully comprehensive 4K video over IP management system.
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ENT Endoscopy Visual System

The VS-3CL ENT endoscopy visual system is designed for ENT surgery using the 3CMOS visual system and features a high quality LED light source. It offers variable light intensity with 1920 x 1080 image resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.
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Digital Video Colposcope

The AL-106B digital video colposcope features superior spot-on-spot subtraction technology, unique CCD optics and multiple filters to ensure improved visualization of blood vessels. It is only offered with a vertical stand and the monitor is sold separately.
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Endoscopic OR Display

The E240CG endoscopic operating room displays offers a widescreen full HD LCD panel for accurate color rendering, excellent layering, smooth and dynamic images and an expanded visual scope for clear and precise observation of surgical sites in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The display is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of various kinds of endoscopic displays or operating room and ICU displays due to its white frame, water-proof design, antibacterial treatment, compliance with electromagnetic compatibility regulations and multiple video input/output interfaces.
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Medical Grade Full HD Camera

The MKC-704KHD is a medical grade high sensitivity (2,000lx/F17: Line Mix On) model Full HD camera that employs 3CMOS sensors for providing both of full HD (1920 x1080) and 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution image with high sensitivity. The compact and lightweight camera head is ideal for use in applications with limited space such as on a surgical microscope.
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Digital Video Camera
Alpha Novo Cam 1MOS HD USB

The Alpha Novo Cam 1MOS HD USB digital video camera is characterized by its outstanding image quality in all endoscopic applications. Due to its latest CMOS technology, the single chip sensor offers excellent resolution and provides bright and clear high definition pictures of high detail fidelity that allows visualization of even minute tissue structures.
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Surgical Panel
Curator Surgical Panel SP1-24

The Surgical Panel SP1-24 with an integrated monitor as well as IT and video management components is a digital image viewing system designed for use in the operating room. The 24-inch monitor offers maximum user-friendliness and allows for perfect viewing of all information with ergonomic head and body position. Integrated into the hospital’s IT structure, it is ideal for work performed by the OR nursing staff.
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