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Analizadores de Sangre y Gas

Blood/Gas Analyzers
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El Pre-NAT II permite la preparación totalmente automatizada, de muestras de alto rendimiento para el diagnóstico genético molecular, que consiste en la extracción de ácido nucleico y el posterior pipeteo de las PCR.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
Stat Profile pHOx Ultra

The Stat Profile®pHOx® Ultra™ is a blood gas analyzer that provides up to 20 critical care tests from one small, 210-microliter sample in only two minutes. It can be configured with as few as five tests or as many as 20 tests to meet the test menu requirements of each department.
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Analizador POCT

El analizador automático, InnovaStar®, para la práctica diaria, ofrece una calidad para los resultados comparable a la de los analizadores de laboratorio para HbA1c, PCR, Glucosa y Hemoglobina directamente a partir de muestras de sangre total. Gracias a la integración de una pantalla táctil de color, se mejora aún más la facilidad de uso del InnovaStar.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
GEM Premier 4000

The GEM Premier 4000 blood gas analyzer provides quantitative measurements of whole blood pH, pCO₂, pO₂, Na⁺, K⁺, ICA⁺⁺, glucose, lactate, hematocrit, and co-oximetry. It has a throughput of 30 samples/hour and features intelligent quality management for real-time, automatic error detection, correction and documentation of all corrective actions.
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Analizador automático de velocidad de sedimentación iSED, realiza pruebas con microvolúmenes de sangre y funciona directo con el tubo EDTA primario. Incluye lector de código de barras interno, mezclador automatizado integrado e impresora.
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Portable Blood Analyzer
i-STAT handheld

The i-STAT handheld is a portable blood analyzer that operates with single-use i-STAT test cartridges covering a large menu of commonly used tests in one platform. It provides lab-quality results in minutes, allowing health care professionals to quickly respond to any need and condition at the patient's side.
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Blood Gas and Electrolytes Analyzer
EBG Stat 820/1020

The EBG Stat 820/1020 analyzer combines micro-electronics and micro-sensor technologies and has a throughput of up to 45 samples/hour. It offers a choice of syringe, capillary, and open-tube sample analysis with the option to run auto QC automatically at user-selected intervals.
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Blood Diagnostic Station

Merlin is a freestanding automated lab that runs a comprehensive set of tests onsite with remote central lab oversight. The a self-contained, temperature controlled lab is the size of a standard refrigerator and allows patient samples to be run onsite with results in less than 30 minutes.
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Nova Primary

El Nova Primary es un analizador de laboratorio de glucosa en sangre, rápido, exacto y fácil de usar que utiliza un único sensor electroquímico de glucosa reutilizable basado en glucosa oxidasa y tiene un rango de medición de 10-900 mg/dL.
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Microbial Identification System
MALDI Biotyper IVD

The MALDI Biotyper is a microbial identification system based on MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry allowing unbiased identification of microorganisms within a few minutes down to the species level. The easy, rapid, robust, high-throughput, cost-effective and efficient identification technology saves both time and money when compared to traditional biochemical tests, whilst providing highly secure species level identifications.
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Echo Lumena

El Echo Lumena es un sistema de banco de sangre totalmente automatizado y de alto rendimiento que ofrece una mayor eficiencia, exactitud y flexibilidad, con resultados de hemoclasificación disponibles en solo 23 minutos.
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Blood Glucose Monitor
alphacheck professional NFC

The alphacheck professional NFC blood glucose monitoring system requires a 0.5 μL sample of fresh capillary whole blood and has a measurement time of five seconds. Other features include back-lighted LCD, strip ejection button, hypoglycemia indicator and strip expiration date indicator, among others.
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Blood Glucose Monitor
CareSens Expert Plus

The CareSens Expert Plus is a blood glucose & ????-ketone monitoring system for hospitals that uses auto identification of glucose and ????-ketone strips. It allows for real time data transfer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB and NFC, and provides easy data access through the CareSens web-based data manager.
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El AUTO SCANION es un sistema totalmente automatizado para electroforesis en tiras de acetato de celulosa. Es adecuado para las determinaciones más habituales, como proteínas séricas, hemoglobinas, lipoproteínas y proteínas urinarias.
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Albumin Analyzer
HemoCue Albumin 201 System

The HemoCue Albumin 201 System is an easy, lab-accurate means of identifying microalbuminuria long before any possible symptoms of renal or vascular complications may appear. It uses patented microcuvette technology which enables quantitative test results right at the point of care and can monitor changes in albumin concentration in a very low range (5-20 mg/L).
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