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Analizadores de Sangre y Gas

Blood/Gas Analyzers
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POC Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Analyzer
StatStrip Lactate and Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Meter System

The StatStrip Lactate and Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Meter system (StatStrip LAC/Hb/Hct) is a handheld, easy-to-use meter system that measures LAC, Hb and Hct at the point-of-care using two disposable biosensors and tiny capillary blood samples for all tests. The system offers a choice of two meters – the StatStrip LAC/Hb/Hct Full Connectivity Meter and the StatStrip Xpress2 LAC/Hb/Hct Meter. StatStrip’s lactate biosensor provides lab-like accuracy in just 13 seconds from 0.6 microliters of capillary blood. StatStrip’s Hb/Hct biosensor accurately measures - not calculates - both Hb and Hct in 40 seconds from a 1.6 microliter capillary sample.
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ESR Analyzer

The VISION Pro is a state-of-the-art ESR analyzer with the least maintenance that offers the use of primary EDTA tubes, and both batch and STAT test modes. It provides real ESR curve and Bio-Rad control assigned value, and delivers results in 20 minutes with excellent Westergren correlation.
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RIA 5 POS es un analizador de velocidad de sedimentación globular (VSG) compacto, fácil de usar y de bajo costo con una carga de trabajo de 18 muestras por hora, 5 posiciones de tubos de ensayo y un tiempo de prueba de 17 minutos.
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GEM Premier ChemSTAT

El GEM Premier ChemSTAT es un analizador rápido de sangre completa de Panel Metabólico Básico con un menú personalizado para los departamentos de emergencia, que incluye resultados de creatinina con calidad de laboratorio.
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Hemoglobin Testing System

The VARIANT II TURBO Hemoglobin Testing System combines Bio-Rad’s HPLC precision and variant detection with fast throughput to provide a comprehensive solution for HbA1c testing. VARIANT technology provides a comprehensive solution for HbA1c testing. Built for exceptional performance, the state-of-the-art, fully automated system delivers quality results at high test volumes - providing results in 97 seconds per sample. The VARIANT II Hemoglobin Testing System offers complete automation, with positive sample tracking and powerful data management.
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Glucose Analyzer
TC-Glucose Monitoring System

The TC-Glucose Monitoring System uses glucose oxidase enzymatic reaction to deliver results in just five seconds from only 0.5ul blood sample. It offers an auto coding system, internal memory for storage of 300 tests and USB data transfer.
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Platelet Function Analyzer

The Aggrestar-PL16 platelet function analyzer performs sequenced platelet counting before and after the addition of platelet agonist, then automatically calculates the aggregation rate by comparing the platelet numbers before and after aggregation. It provides platelet count in addition to measuring platelet function of thrombocytopenic samples using 0.25ml sample volume per test in just 2.5 minutes/test.
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Capillary Electrophoresis System

The CAPILLARYS 3 DBS is a dedicated instrument for screening hemoglobin disorders in newborns that offers a smooth workflow and excellent analytical features. The automated, multitasking capillary electrophoresis instrument uses 12 capillaries for multiple simultaneous hands-free electrophoretic separations at high throughput.
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Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer
DIESTRO 103 AP V4 Automatic Basic

The DIESTRO 103 AP V4 Automatic Basic is an automatic electrolyte analyzer designed for medium laboratories that features auto standby mode for reagents saving, built-in printer and connectivity. Expandable up to five electrolytes simultaneously, it also features graphic display with touch screen, patient identification, automatic calibration, LIS connection and QC software.
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Blood Gas, Electrolyte & Metabolites Analyzer
i-SmartCare 10

The i-SmartCare 10 is a blood gas, electrolyte & metabolites analyzer that is light & compact in size, and optimized for POC. It features a built-in high capacity battery that allows for mobility and continuous testing (two hours battery life) and an all-in-one cartridge system, allowing for easy and simple management.
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Creatinine/eGFR Meter
Nova Max Pro

The Nova Max Pro is an easy-to-use meter and creatinine biosensor that measures blood creatinine and calculates estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), two important indicators of overall kidney function, from a tiny 1.2 microliter capillary fingerstick blood sample in just 30 seconds. Nova Max Pro Creatinine measuring technology is based on the Nova StatSensor Creatinine technology which has been used in point-of-care applications for over 15 years. Nova’s technology has been proven in numerous non-hospital settings, including pharmacies, community health centers, imaging centers, clinics, physician offices, and home testing.
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Creatinine Testing System
StatSensor and StatSensor Xpress Creatinine and eGFR Meters

The StatSensor Creatinine Hospital Meter System is a handheld analyzer and miniaturized single-use biosensor for whole blood creatinine testing. The system uses StatSensor Creatinine's advanced, patented Multi-Well technology to enable simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of renal function by fingerstick capillary blood sampling at the point of care.
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Automated NAT Testing System
Procleix Tigris System

The Procleix Tigris System offers fully integrated and completely automated NAT testing for labs seeking large and efficient batch throughput with a proven and field-tested solution.
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Automated NAT Blood Screening System
Procleix Panther

The Procleix Panther system featuring ART automates all aspects of NAT (Nucleic Acid Technology)-based blood screening on a single, integrated platform, and is capable of delivering the highest result throughput per square meter. It eliminates the need for batch processing and combines walk-away freedom with intuitive design for ease of use.
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Electrolyte Analyzer
AFT-400 Series

The AFT-400 series electrolyte analyzer tests for flexibly optional parameters like K+ Na+ Cl- Ca2+pH and shows results within 30 seconds after sampling. The entire segmentation and washing are automatic to ensure no cross-contamination, while calibration solution and waste solution are contained in closed containers to reduce the risk of biological pollution.
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