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Analizadores de Sangre y Gas

Blood/Gas Analyzers
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Cholestech LDX

El analizador Cholestech LDX ofrece pruebas en punto de atención eficientes y económicas para la medición del colesterol y lípidos relacionados y glucosa en sangre para la evaluación inmediata y la monitorización de la enfermedad cardiaca y la diabetes.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
Stat Profile pHOx Ultra

The Stat Profile®pHOx® Ultra™ is a blood gas analyzer that provides up to 20 critical care tests from one small, 210-microliter sample in only two minutes. It can be configured with as few as five tests or as many as 20 tests to meet the test menu requirements of each department.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
GEM Premier 4000

The GEM Premier 4000 blood gas analyzer provides quantitative measurements of whole blood pH, pCO₂, pO₂, Na⁺, K⁺, ICA⁺⁺, glucose, lactate, hematocrit, and co-oximetry. It has a throughput of 30 samples/hour and features intelligent quality management for real-time, automatic error detection, correction and documentation of all corrective actions.
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High Throughput Electrolyte Analyzer

The CBS-50 is a high throughput electrolyte analyzer that gives each test result within half a minute and features multi-level calibrators and controls to ensure accurate results. Its Advanced Multi-Biosensor Technology (MBT) enables maintenance-free electrodes and its 6.5 inch touch screen makes operation more convenient.
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Hemoglobin Analyzer

RC-W is a compact, easy and reliable HPLC system for hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) tests and simplifies diabetes testing by delivering accurate and clinically relevant results during patient visits to help physicians improve patient decision-making and diabetic patient compliance. It is designed for point-of-care settings such as diabetes clinics, doctor’s offices, wards and small labs.
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HPLC Hemoglobin Analyzer

The Hb NEXT reversed-phase cation exchange HPLC hemoglobin analyzer is designed to deliver precise and accurate HbA1c values in the presence of the main hemoglobin variants and to meet the most stringent guidelines for diabetes diagnosis and monitoring. The fully automated system combines HPLC precision and variant detection with the rapid throughput that laboratories need and offers high performance, user-friendly steps, and no sample preparation.
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Blood Lead Test Analyzer

LeadCare is a blood lead test platform that provides a stand-alone system and features the only CLIA waived system to help core labs, hospital labs, reference labs, or physician’s office labs run more efficiently. It provides accurate, three-minute quantitative blood lead results, allowing physicians to educate and take action immediately.
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ESR Analyzer

The VES MATIC 5 is a fully automated modified Westergren method ESR system that determines the ESR directly on the hematocrit tube (190 samples/hour), using racks from the main cell counters. The first result is performed after 24 minutes.
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Automated Bench-Top ESR Analyzer

The VES-MATIC CUBE 80 is a fully automated bench-top analyzer for the direct determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) in primary EDTA tubes. The automatic instrument is designed for the determination of the ESR directly on the hematocrit tube (95 samples/hour), using dedicated racks with the first result performed after 26 minutes.
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ESR Analyzer

The VES-MATIC CUBE TRACK is an automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR directly on the hematocrit tube (95 samples/hour) that is to be connected to clinical laboratory total automation tracks.
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Automatic ESR Analyzer
Sediplus S 200

The Sediplus S 200 automatic ESR analyzer is a 10-channel blood sedimentation measuring device in a closed system that has been designed for small labs with a lower throughput of samples or for local measuring on the ward. Due to an optimal combination with the S-Sedivette blood sedimentation system, the ESR can be reliably determined at any time and directly after blood has been safely collected.
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Multi-Assay Analyzer
Yumizen M100 Banalyst

The Yumizen M100 Banalyst is a small, multi-assay analyzer based on μTAS that achieves the same performance as laboratories’ large equipment with one reagent chip at the point-of-care. HbA1c, CRP, hs-CRP and Cys-C are the tests available in this centrifugal blood analyzer.
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Electrolyte Analyzer
Yumizen E100

The Yumizen E100 electrolyte analyzer measures parameters like Na⁺. K⁺, Clˉ, Ca⁺⁺ & Liˉ and has a throughput of 512 tests/hour (highest in market). It features a 5-inch touch screen display with remote use facility and has a data storage capacity for 10,000 patient results & 10,000 QC results for three levels.
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HbA1c POC Analyzer
HumaMeter A1c

HumaMeter A1c enables immediate and highly accurate testing of HbA1c at the point of care, processing only 4 µl of capillary blood in less than five minutes. It is intended for the diagnoses of diabetes mellitus and for monitoring long-term glycaemic control in patients diagnosed with diabetes, making it the ideal device for small laboratories.
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Auto Multiparameter POC Analyzer
Triage MeterPro

Triage MeterPro is designed to provide diagnostic results quickly and easily. With a variety of immunoassays and the ability to use whole blood, plasma, or urine, the platform gives labs a flexible solution at the point-of-care.
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