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Contadores de Células

Cell Counters
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Differential Blood Counter

The DBC-9 manual differential blood counter offers eight units lab-count with totalizer for simplifying differential blood cell counts. The eight keys represent the normal Schilling Groups of Leucocytes and each stroke registers both in the unit corresponding to its pressed key and in the window.
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Blood Cell Counter

The COUNTENDER 20+ is a three-part differential hematology blood cell counter that uses float discriminators to ensure top performance and provide accurate platelet count at very low levels. It has a throughput of 60 seconds per result and one of the lowest consumption rates of reagents in the market.
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Hematology Cell Counter

The CYANHemato is a fully-automated, 20-parameter, bench-top hematology cell counter that can process 30 samples per hour in 3-part WBC differential mode. It requires only 25 μl of whole blood sample and comes with a color LCD touch screen, USB connectivity, pre-dilution mode and a large memory.
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Cell Counting Analyzer

The ADAMⅡ-CD34 is a bench top fluorescent cell counting analyzer that can capture a maximum of 136 images which are then processed by image analysis software integrated in the system. It features state-of-the-arts optics and can simultaneously analyze three color fluorescence samples using four-channel light sources.
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Analizador de Recuento de Celulas

El diseño del ADAM-rWBC permite contar el número de glóbulos blancos residuales en los productos sanguíneos leucoreducidos. Asegura el número de rWBCs, minimiza las complicaciones asociadas con las transfusiones, y también ofrece análisis automático de imágenes y detección sensible de la CCD.
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Contador de celulas
GloCyte CSF

El GloCyte CSF utiliza una combinación de tecnología de fluorescencia, reactivos altamente específicos, y un algoritmo de recuento inteligente. Su procedimiento de análisis rápido genera resultados con sólo 30 µL de muestra por análisis, y proporciona el recuento de células exactoß.
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Blood Cell Counter

The H18 LIGHT automatic 60 T/H blood cell counter offers three-part WBC differentiation, with 19 parameters, three histograms and a throughput of 60 results per second. It provides accurate platelet counts at very low levels of concentration, and comes with a large color LCD display, built-in thermal printer and capacity to store up to 20,000 patient results, making it ideal for small to mid-size laboratories.
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Cell Counter

The GloCyte CSF cell counter delivers precise total nucleated cell and red blood cell results using a combination of fluorescence technology, highly specific reagents, and an intelligent counting algorithm. Its quick assay procedure generates results with only 30 µL of sample per test and provides accurate cell counts at clinically relevant low levels.
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Blood Cell Counter

The HEMIX 5 is a five-part differential instrument that features both open and closed tubes. The system offers higher confidence in results, advanced flagging for leukocyte immature populations, enhanced specificity and sensitivity, and better prediction for pos/neg results.
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Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC-3000plus

3000PLUS Equipped with a large, color LCD Display, built-in thermal printer and huge storage capacity, our user-friendly hematology analyzer brings the convenience and accuracy of the reference laboratory right into your practice, offering maximum value with low running costs. ●3-part differentiation of WBC; 19 parameters+3 histograms ●2 Counting mode: whole blood and prediluted ●Throughput: 60 samples per hour ●Automatic diluting, lyzing, mixing, rinsing and clog-clearing ●Up to 35000 sample results (including histograms) can be stored ●Built-in thermal recorder, optional external printer ●Bar code scanner optional ●Reagent expired alarm ●Large color LCD display Safe and Easy to use: ●Press one button and results are ready in one minute ●User friendly interface ●Cybide free reagents Economical ●Low sample volume High Reliability and Accuracy ●Fully automatic calibration ●QC program Easy software ●Friendly interface ●Programmable print formats
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Portable Hematology Analyzer WHY6280

●23 Parameters: WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRAN#,LYM%,MID%, GRAN%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, MPV, PDW, P-LCR and Histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT ●Working Principle: Electronic impedance, SFT method for hemoglobin ●Throughput:≥60 samples / H ●Analysis Mode: Optional venous blood, anticoagulant blood and prediluted blood ●Sample Consumption: Anticoagulant whole blood ≤9.6µL ●Anticoagulant capillary blood ≤9.6µL ●Prediluted capillary blood ≤20µL (the sample consumption above are for repeating two times testing and avoiding second sampling) ●Alarm: Automatic system diagnosis, self testing, fault and reagent shortage alarm ●Automated Maintenance: Wash automatically during power on and power off, reducing the blockage rate ●Standby Protection: 24 hours switch on, sleep and wake up automatically ●Storage: Large quantity test results storage, at least 400,000 test results with comprehensive information. ●Extended SD memory supported ●Control Mode: Quality control mode of L-J, X-B and X-r. Westguard quality control regulation ●Calibration Mode: Manual and automatic calibration. Fresh blood calibration is available. ●Reference Value Setting: The appropriate reference value range could be automatically selected according to the inputted age and sex including children, adults and the aged ●Display: TFT LCD (Touch Screen is optional) ●Input Mode: mouse and keyboard (standard). Optional bar code reader and touch screen ●Print Mode: Internal high-speed thermal printer. External printer is optional ●Report Format: more than 8 kinds ●Reagents System: POWEAM reagents OR Open systems are optional ●Connection Port: USB, RS-232, network interface, LPT
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Microplate Reader 7" LCD touch screen

●Display: 7" TFT LCD 800X480 pixels ●Detection method : Absorbance ●Microplate types: 96-well plate ●Measuring system:8-Channel optical ststem ●Reading speed: 5s single wavelength ●Light source: Based on mono-LED illumination. Life for more than 100,000 hours ●405nm,450nm:492nm,630nm,2 free positions for additional filters ●Large memory:1200 times of testing for 96 well results ●Reading range:0.001-3.500Abs ●Measurement range: 0.001-2.500Abs ●OEM is available
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Hematology Analyzer

CARECELL-23 Hematology Counter is fully Automated, Accurate and Fast System with built-in Thermal Printer. It is Double chamber , 3 Part Differential Cell Counter, It can measure 21 Parameters including 3 Color Histogram of RBC, WBC and PLT.
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