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Analizador de Química Clínica

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
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Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

CM-400 is a fully automated biochemistry analyzer intended for the quantitative analysis of the components in human serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and cerebrospinal liquid samples. It is characterized by open reagents, discrete system, emergency priority, random access and an external computer.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

The BS-600 is a floor-standing, discrete and random access clinical chemistry analyzer with a carry-over of less than 0.05% to ensure test accuracy. It has a constant throughput of 600 photometric tests per hour and up to 240 tests per hour for ISE (K, Na, Cl).
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Clinical Chemistry Reagents
SEKURE Clinical Chemistry Reagents

SEKURE Clinical Chemistry Reagents feature liquid stable technology, exceptional performance, proven reliability, flexible packaging, and a wide range of supporting products and services.
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ESR Analyzer
THERMA NE 100 pos

The THERMA NE 100 pos is an ESR analyzer for big laboratories that is capable of fast and continuous work. It has a throughput of 250 samples/hour and a test time of 24 minutes.
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Electrolyte Analyzer
Biossays E6

Biossays E6 is a small-size electrolyte analyzer occupying less than 0.23 m2 of space with a high throughput of 300T/hour (60 samples per hour) and five electrodes as per request of any combination: iCa2+, Na+, K+, Cl-, pH. It adopts the automatic puncture sampling method for anaerobic measurement to ensure the stability of ionized calcium levels and accuracy of measurement. Samples can be loaded continuously, and 30 samples can be loaded in a single operation. A user-friendly design with a 12-inch touch screen makes operations easier and allows data to be visualized intuitively.
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El miniiSED™ es un analizador de VSG totalmente automatizado, y de una sola posición, que funciona directamente desde tubos EDTA primarios o microtubos BD Microtainer® MAP; requiere 100 microlitros de muestra y produce resultados de urgencia en 15 segundos.
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Stat Profile Prime® ES Plus Analyzer

El analizador Stat Profile Prime ES Plus es un analizador de electrolitos de nueva generación que combina microelectrónica revolucionaria con nueva tecnología de microsensores para un analizador más simple, más pequeño, más rápido y menos costoso.
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POCT Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

The DP-C30 is a POCT automatic biochemistry analyzer that offers single-use test disc without carryover for testing of multiple biochemical parameters at the same time. It features microfluidic chip detection disk and delivers highly efficience, comprehensive, and more accurate results.
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Semi-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer
RT 9600

The RT 9600 is a semi-automatic chemistry analyzer featuring continuously adjustable grating that enhances the stability and reliability of the results. It comes with an open reagent system that supports flowcell and cuvette modes, a large color LCD touch screen display, and memory for storing 200 test protocols and 10,000 results.
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Chemistry Analyzer

The GS100 is the smallest and most integrated chemistry analyzer with easy automated testing that improves workflow and mitigates manual labor, which along with its cost-effectiveness, makes it possible to bring benefits of automatic chemistry to all laboratories. Its standardized operation, which is consistent with larger analyzers, eliminates manual errors and makes test results more reliable, making it perfect for low-volume laboratories.
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Control de quimica urinaria

El Dropper se usa para controlar el desempeño de los métodos de análisis de química urinaria de rutina y de urgencias. Diseñado para uso con la mayoría de los principales analizadores de química, su botella cuentagotas fácil de usar proporciona una dispensación simple y un uso máximo.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

KROMA is a bench top fully automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of up to 150 tests/hour (up to 250 tests/hour w/ISE) and featuring automatic washing station cuvettes. It offers positive samples and reagents identification along with integrated barcode reader and on-board reagent refrigeration, and uses clear and easy-to-navigate graphical user interface to provide fast guidance and easy access to all functions.
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Auto Chemistry Analyzer

The BK-400 auto chemistry analyzer is used to quantitatively analyze the clinical chemistry of human serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and other samples. It offers a throughput of 400 tests per hour, 90 reagent positions, 120 reaction cuvettes and a built-in sample barcode system (optional).
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Portable Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The UNAMAX ONE is a compact and portable urine chemistry analyzer on which three different types of strips can be tested and special parameters such as ascorbic acid, creatinine, microalbumin and calcium can be determined. It can also calculate the albumin-to-creatinine ratio to identify kidney disease, making it an ideal point-of-care solution for the doctor’s office, emergency room and smaller laboratories.
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Semi-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

The UNAMAX LITE semi-automated chemistry analyzer can analyze up to six different types of strips and determine parameters such as ascorbic acid, creatinine, microalbumin and calcium, as well as calculate the albumin-to-creatinine ratio to identify kidney disease. The advanced contact image sensors (CIS) system with five wavelengths ensures high accuracy, efficiency and trustworthy results, making it suitable for medium-sized laboratories.
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