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Analizadores de Coagulación

Coagulation Analyzers
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El sistema de prueba de hemostasia ACL TOP 300 CTS está diseñado con altos estándares de operación y funcionalidad para satisfacer las necesidades de todos los hospitales y laboratorios, independientemente de su tamaño o alcance.
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Semi-Auto Coagulation Analyzer

XN06 is a semi-automated blood coagulation analyzer designed for clinical and the scientific research laboratories to test Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), Thrombin Time (TT), and Fibrinogen (FIB) concentration in plasma. The compatible, easy-to-operate, four-channel, coagulation analyzer utilizes the photometric method for testing the four routine clotting test items.
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Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Coagulation Analyzer

The DP-C16 is a semi-automatic biochemistry coagulation analyzer with multifunctional testing capability - coagulation and biochemistry - that offers real-time heating temperature display of the incubation pool and flow pool. It offers both single-wavelength and dual-wavelength detection modes and tests for coagulation parameters such as PT, APTT, TT, FIB, and D-Dimer.
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Dual-Channel Optical Coagulation Analyzer

Sensa2 is a dual-channel optical coagulation analyzer that uses the optical LED method for measuring PT, aPTT, and fibrinogen and offers automatic calibration using more than 15 different curves. It offers four samples and two reagent positions for warming up, sample results storage, voice guided instructions, Bluetooth and USB connections, 5-inch color touchscreen, and built-in battery with charger.
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4-Channel Coagulation Instrument
HumaClot Quattro

The HumaClot Quattro is a manual 4-channel coagulation instrument with TIC2+ technology that features the latest LED technology with reference channel, guided workflow and light protection cover with pipetting support. Durable and maintenance free, it enables simultaneous measurement of four samples and offers 16 sample incubation positions along with four reagent incubation positions (one stirred).
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Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer

The BCA-1000 is an automatic blood coagulation analyzer with a maximum throughput of 1200 T/H/4 modules and five independent STAT positions on each module. It offers 42 refrigerated reagent positions and four room temperature reagent positions and allows a maximum of 80 samples to be placed simultaneously.
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CoL1 V.2

La nueva generación de coagulómetros CoL1 V.2 para lectura turbodensitométrica con tecnología de doble longitud de onda están diseñados para realizar pruebas coagulométricas, cromogénicas y turbidimétricas rápidas y precisas.
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Single-Channel Coagulation Analyzer
Biobas 10

The Biobas 10 is an easy-to-use single-channel coagulation analyzer with micro-processor for programming parameters and making calculations. The semi-automatic coagulation analyzer offers one reagent position, four cuvette incubation positions, and automated cuvette detection and calculation.
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Platelet Function Analyzer
Aggrestar (PL-12)

The Aggrestar (PL-12) is a platelet function analyzer that performs sequenced platelet counting before and after the addition of platelet agonist, then automatically calculates the aggregation rate by comparing the platelet numbers before and after aggregation. It is capable of measuring the platelet function of thrombocytopenic samples of 0.25ml volume per test and provides platelet count in addition to platelet function.
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Clot SP

El analizador de coagulación semiautomático Clot SP para la detección automática de coágulos viene con métodos programados para PT, APTT y fibrinógeno. Cuenta con un bloque termostatizado para la incubación de muestras y reactivos.
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Hemostasis Testing System

The ACL TOP 550 CTS hemostasis testing system offers the most advanced automation and quality management, for routine to specialty assays. Designed for mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories, including those with lab automation tracks, it is standardized for superior performance across the entire testing process. Automated pre-analytical sample-integrity checks, advanced quality and accreditation support and enhanced system security assure quality results and lab efficiency.
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Point-Of-Care Heparin Monitoring Device
GEM Hemochron 100

GEM Hemochron 100 whole blood hemostasis system delivers quality results for monitoring and guiding unfractionated heparin therapy at the point of care (POC) during cardiovascular procedures, including cardiac ablation and extracorporeal life support. Leveraging Hemochron technology, the system helps improve workflow and quality of care while its simple cartridge-based technology reduces maintenance and facilities training, for greater efficiency.
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CoL 2 v2.0

Los coagulómetros semiautomáticos CoL Series v2.0 de nueva generación con tecnología de doble longitud de onda están diseñados para pruebas coagulométricas, cromogénicas y turbidimétricas rápidas y precisas.
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Hemostasis Analyzer
Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer, with its QPlus cartridge, represents the only viscoelastic coagulation testing (VET) system specifically designed and optimized for rapid and easy operation in point-of-care (POC) settings, such as operating rooms, Emergency Departments, or intensive care units. The Quantra system’s innovative closed-cartridge design requires no open-tube blood manipulation after sample collection. The Quantra system is FDA cleared (de novo) for POC use, which may help to minimize the flow of traffic with sample transporters and/or operators in and out of units designated for the care of COVID-19 patients.
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Coagulation Test Cartridge
QPlus Cartridge

The QPlus Cartridge is a multi-channel cartridge to be used with the Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer to enable assessment of coagulopathy in the perioperative setting. It provides semi-quantitative indications of the coagulation state of a 3.2% citrated venous whole blood sample. The QPlus Cartridge includes tests to assess coagulation characteristics via the intrinsic pathway, via the extrinsic pathway, and includes tests with a heparin neutralizer.
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