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Analizadores de Coagulación

Coagulation Analyzers
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Automatic Coagulation Analyzer

The ALTHEA is a smart and compact, random access automatic coagulation analyzer with a throughout of 60 t/h for PT and 50 t/h for PT and APTT. It offers 27 sample positions, 23 reagent positions and 72 cuvettes on board, and come with a user-friendly touchscreen interface.
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Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Coagulation Analyzer

The DP-C16 is a semi-automatic biochemistry coagulation analyzer with multifunctional testing capability - coagulation and biochemistry - that offers real-time heating temperature display of the incubation pool and flow pool. It offers both single-wavelength and dual-wavelength detection modes and tests for coagulation parameters such as PT, APTT, TT, FIB, and D-Dimer.
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6-Channel Viscoelastometry Analyzer

ClotPro is a six channel viscoelastometry analyzer, designed for the rapid analysis of whole blood coagulation. It offers a unique combination of ease of use, flexibility, and throughput (six channels for parallel testing). The system provides excellent correlation to conventional viscoelastometry analyzers. ClotPro offers nine tests, the established screening assays (EX-test, FIB-test, AP-test, IN-test, HI-test) and new assays for drug monitoring (RVV-test, ECA-test, TPA-test, NA-test).
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Semi-Automatic Coagulation Analyzer
CoL 2 v2.0

The new generation CoL Series v2.0 semi-automatic coagulometers with double wavelength technology is designed for fast and precise coagulometric, chromogenic and turbidimetric tests. It uses double wavelength technology, which allows it to make complete diagnoses of hemostasis tests, making coagulometric, chromogenic and turbidimetric test.
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Hemostasis Analyzer
Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer, with its QPlus cartridge, represents the only viscoelastic coagulation testing (VET) system specifically designed and optimized for rapid and easy operation in point-of-care (POC) settings, such as operating rooms, Emergency Departments, or intensive care units. The Quantra system’s innovative closed-cartridge design requires no open-tube blood manipulation after sample collection. The Quantra system is FDA cleared (de novo) for POC use, which may help to minimize the flow of traffic with sample transporters and/or operators in and out of units designated for the care of COVID-19 patients.
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Coagulation Test Cartridge
QPlus Cartridge

The QPlus Cartridge is a multi-channel cartridge to be used with the Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer to enable assessment of coagulopathy in the perioperative setting. It provides semi-quantitative indications of the coagulation state of a 3.2% citrated venous whole blood sample. The QPlus Cartridge includes tests to assess coagulation characteristics via the intrinsic pathway, via the extrinsic pathway, and includes tests with a heparin neutralizer.
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Quality Controls
Quantra Quality Controls

The Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer’s comprehensive internal QC ensures reliable results. In addition, two levels of external Quantra Quality Controls are offered for use with the Quantra Hemostasis Analyzer with the QPlus Cartridge.
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DIAcheck C1

El analizador de coagulación DIAcheck C1 es un instrumento libre de mantenimiento con cubetas de sistema cerrado, pantalla táctil a color y función de inicio automático. Incluye pruebas de coagulación, cromogénicas e inmunoturbidimétricas.
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Hemoglobin Analyzer

RC-W is a compact, easy and reliable HPLC system for hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) tests and simplifies diabetes testing by delivering accurate and clinically relevant results during patient visits to help physicians improve patient decision-making and diabetic patient compliance. It is designed for point-of-care settings such as diabetes clinics, doctor’s offices, wards and small labs.
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HPLC Hemoglobin Analyzer

The Hb NEXT reversed-phase cation exchange HPLC hemoglobin analyzer is designed to deliver precise and accurate HbA1c values in the presence of the main hemoglobin variants and to meet the most stringent guidelines for diabetes diagnosis and monitoring. The fully automated system combines HPLC precision and variant detection with the rapid throughput that laboratories need and offers high performance, user-friendly steps, and no sample preparation.
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Haema TX

El analizador de hemostasia Haema TX permite el análisis de sangre completa totalmente automatizado mediante el uso de la tecnología de “tromboelastografía” para proporcionar información fisiológica y completa sobre el proceso de hemostasia de los pacientes.
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Haemostasis/CLEA Analyzer

The CN-3500 and CN-6500 are fully automated haemostasis analyzers teamed up with a CLEIA (chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay) unit, forming an integrated device that runs all routine and speciality assays out of one sample. The integration of plasma-based immunologic assays into routine analyzer helps streamline sodium citrate sample workflow, save space, and simplify the management of instruments – all this with an equitable investment as labs do not need to purchase an additional instrument for the added measurement capability.
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Semi-Automated Coagulation Analyzer
Thrombo Fast+

The Thrombo Fast+ is a semi-automated two channel coagulation analyzer which enables duplicate tests to be run. Compact and easy to use, it is suitable for a wide variety of clotting assays and is ideal for all laboratories.
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Point-Of-Care Anticoagulation Monitor
CoaguChek XS Plus System

The CoaguChek XS Plus system is a point-of-care anticoagulation monitor that offers connectivity and data management tools to help healthcare professionals manage PT/INR (blood clotting time) testing. It has CLIA-waived status which means that the monitoring technology may now be used in a broader range of clinical settings, such as labs that do not meet the requirements to perform moderate- or high-complexity testing as defined by the CLIA of 1988.
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Single Channel Coagulation Analyzer
Thrombo Read +

The Thrombo Read + is a very compact single channel coagulation analyzer for measuring all clotting assays. The instrument is very light weight and compact saving lab space but is extremely powerful and robust. The software provided is easy to use and there is a connection for an external printer. The analyzer can test; PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time and other Single Factors.
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