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The EUROPattern system provides fully automated immunofluorescence microscopy and state-of-the-art diagnostics at the computer screen. It includes pattern recognition for ANA (based on ICAP) and ANCA, as well as positive/negative classification for Crithidiae luciliae, antigen-expressing cells and antigen dots. Images are processed at high speed (13 seconds per image) and results are consolidated into one report per patient. All fluorescence images and reports are digitally archived. The system communicates bi-directionally with the LIS, streamlining work processes in the laboratory.
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EUROPattern Microscope Live

The EUROPattern Microscope Live is a compact device for on-screen microscopy and fully automated acquisition of fluorescence images. The novel automatic laser focusing enables fast processing in less than two seconds per image. The microscope includes an integrated controlled LED and fluorescence standard for constant illumination. The middleware EUROLabOffice 4.0 generates patient reports and archives all data and images. The software communicates bidirectionally with the LIS, ensuring a smooth laboratory routine.
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The i-mLD fluorescence microscope is based on a high power solid-state light emitting diode (LED) which replaces the traditional mercury or xenon lamps used in epifluorescence microscopy. It does not require alignment of the light source, thus saving time and making it easier to use, and its zero warm-up time makes it ready to use.
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EUROStar III Plus / cLED

The EUROStar III Plus/cLED fluorescence microscope features the EUROStar Bluelight system with LED having a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and light intensity maintained at a constant level by electronic regulation. Switching between the camera and the eyepieces is unnecessary due to the convenient 50/50 beam splitter, while its halogen transmitted-light source makes it suited for brightfield, darkfield and, optionally, for phase contrast microscopy.
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Lionheart FX

El Lionheart FX está diseñado para una variedad de flujos de trabajo. Ofrece visualización de 60x en aire y de hasta 60x y 100x utilizando aceite de inmersión, con canales fluorescencia, campo claro de color y de contraste de fase para un alcance máximo.
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Urinalysis Microscopy Instrument

The iQ200SPRINT urinalysis microscopy instrument isolates, identifies and characterizes urine particles on the screen to virtually eliminate the need for manual microscopy. It has a throughput of up to 101 microscopic samples per hour and produces shortened TAT with standardized results.
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Microscopio automatico para IFA

NOVA View es un microscopio combinado con un sistema digital de imágenes que lee y archiva imágenes de láminas coloreadas con IFA. Utiliza la tecnología IFA digital para adquirir y mostrar imágenes digitales para análisis, lo que ayuda a reducir los errores de transcripción.
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Biological Microscope
CM 2000

The Finite biological microscope (CM 2000) features a Seidentopf binocular viewing head, inclined at 30 degrees interpupillary 48mm-75mm, along with a WF10X/F.N.20mm wide field eyepiece. Other key features include backward quadruple nosepiece, 3W/LED external Kohler illumination, and optional Seidentopf trinocular viewing head and trinocular adaptor.
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Imaging Analyzer
Vision Hema Bone Marrow Ultimate

The Vision Hema Bone Marrow Ultimate is an imaging analyzer that automatically scans slides, identifies, pre-classifies and counts bone marrow cells, allowing a specialist to validate the results on a computer. Other features include database for archive management, remote access and network capabilities, and bi-directional communication with LIS.
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Urine Microscopy System
Iris iQ200ELITE

The Iris iQ200ELITE urine microscopy system automates up to 70 microscopic samples per hour and produces shortened turnaround times with standardized results. It isolates, identifies and characterizes the urine particles on the screen to virtually eliminate the need for manual microscopy and is designed for medium- to high-volume workloads.
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Image Capture System

The CellaVision Image Capture System utilizes the small labs existing conventional microscope to help the user find, focus and capture digital cell images, and then transmit them to the larger lab, where the differential is performed. For WBC morphology, the cells are automatically located and focus-assist functionality helps optimize image quality, while for RBC morphology, it allows manual selection of up to 12 different RBC overview images.
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Automated Cytogenetics Platform

The CytoVision automated cytogenetics platform is scalable from stand alone capture stations for karyotyping and FISH, to fully automated unattended metaphase and cellular FISH capture of up to 120 slides. It is fully integrated with a range of microscopes and cameras from manual capture systems to fully motorized and automated microscopes, and its automated record keeping and data storage feature minimizes the time for writing up patient records as well as reduces human errors.
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Upright Microscope System
DM4000 B LED

The DM4000 B LED upright microscope system with LED illumination features intelligent automation which supports a coded 6x or 7x nosepiece as well as the fully automated transmitted light and fluorescence axes. The Contrast Manager supports transmitted light (brightfield, darkfield, phase and polarization) and fluorescence contrast methods, with the parameters being displayed and stored to provide reproducible results.
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Digital Pathology Capture & Analysis System

The Ariol digital pathology capture & analysis system based on the Leica DM6000 B microscope is a scalable platform for brightfield, fluorescence and FISH slide scanning and analysis that combines excellent image capture with quantitative clinical breast panel analysis of Her-2/neu, ER/PR and Her-2/neu FISH. Its precision Z-stack capture capabilities and multiple objective lenses guarantee effective digitization of all scanning needs.
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Automated Microscope
Image Navigator

The Image Navigator is an automated microscope that captures images of autoantibody indirect immunofluorescent (IIF) slides; separates the images into controls, possible positives, possible negatives, and titers. It then presents these images on separate review screens for easy and quick confirmation and reporting, while its fluorescent microscope allows samples to be observed by the conventional method as well as in the automated format.
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