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Live Cell Analysis System
BioTek BioSpa

The BioTek BioSpa live cell analysis system offers unique benefits for a wide variety of live cell imaging applications in up to eight microplates or other labware. With five imaging modes, the system enables a wide range of microscopy applications. It allows labs to capture detailed cellular images, get cell-level analyses for migration and wound healing assays, 3D spheroid formation, and many other kinetic applications.
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Automated Microscope
Lionheart LX

The Lionheart LX automated microscope is designed for affordability, offering an alternative to expensive, custom-built automated microscopes that are complex to learn and use. The compact, ocular free hardware design is more comfortable to use and reduces ergonomic distress in operators. Along with Gen5 software, Lionheart LX enables Augmented Microscopy, which fully automates image capture, processing, and analysis.
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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
VWR Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

The VWR Inverted Fluorescence Microscope is ideal for applications in biology, cell cytology, genetics, oncology, and immunology, and it is also well suited for research, universities, routine laboratory, and medical demands.
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Digital Brightfield Microscope

SensoScope digital Brightfield Microscope is an innovative platform for pathology, combining the advantage of a conventional microscope and a modern digital scanner. It allows live viewing of specimens and - at the same time - offers all the power of the digital world, including digitizing full slides in several focus levels.
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LED Microscope

The MOTIC is a microscope for immuno- fluorescence applications using the latest LED light source technology and the environmentally-friendly alternative brings many advantages over the old mercury/xenon lamp based microscopes.
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Cell Imaging System

The InCellis cell imager is an all-in-one solution providing accurate results for cell culture such as transfection efficiency, cell culture confluency directly on the bench. It provides high-quality cell images, with its high sensitivity and automatic cell counting abilities making day-to-day work easier for biologists.
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LV200 Bioluminescence Imaging System

The LV200 Bioluminescence Imaging System is a light-tight, environmentally controlled inverted microscope specifically designed for long-term imaging of bioluminescent cells and tissues. The fully automated LV200 inverted microscope platform is contained in a light-tight environmental chamber with temperature, humidity, and gas controls, and features a highly sensitive camera that permits imaging of even low levels of bioluminescence.
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Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

The FV3000 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope features the high sensitivity and speed required for live cell imaging as well as deep tissue observation, enabling a wide range of imaging modalities, including macro-to-micro imaging, super resolution microscopy, and quantitative data analysis. It allows choosing between upright and inverted microscope frames suited for a range of life science applications, including developmental biology, stem cell research, electrophysiology, cancer research, slide imaging, and more.
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La estación de cribado de alto contenido, scanR, combina la modularidad y la flexibilidad de una configuración basada en microscopio con la automatización, la velocidad y el desempeño exigidos por el cribado de alto contenido.
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Research Slide Scanner

The VS200 Research Slide Scanner uses X Line high-performance objectives to deliver flatter images with a wide field of view and no intensity fall off at the periphery. Designed to capture high-resolution images of slides for quantitative analysis, the system enables the user to make the most of the information that the slides have to offer.
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G380 Series Microscopes

The G380 Series Microscopes combine state of the art design and features with the latest optical coating technologies for crisp, clear imaging on a versatile and ergonomic platform. All models in the G380 series feature "High-Eyepoint" 10 x wide field eyepieces which allow users wearing glasses to comfortably view through the scope without removing their glasses.
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EUROPattern Microscope Live

The EUROPattern Microscope Live is a compact device for on-screen microscopy and fully automated acquisition of fluorescence images. The novel automatic laser focusing enables fast processing in less than two seconds per image. The microscope includes an integrated controlled LED and fluorescence standard for constant illumination. The middleware EUROLabOffice 4.0 generates patient reports and archives all data and images. The software communicates bidirectionally with the LIS, ensuring a smooth laboratory routine.
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The i-mLD fluorescence microscope is based on a high power solid-state light emitting diode (LED) which replaces the traditional mercury or xenon lamps used in epifluorescence microscopy. It does not require alignment of the light source, thus saving time and making it easier to use, and its zero warm-up time makes it ready to use.
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EUROStar III Plus / cLED

The EUROStar III Plus/cLED fluorescence microscope features the EUROStar Bluelight system with LED having a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and light intensity maintained at a constant level by electronic regulation. Switching between the camera and the eyepieces is unnecessary due to the convenient 50/50 beam splitter, while its halogen transmitted-light source makes it suited for brightfield, darkfield and, optionally, for phase contrast microscopy.
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Lionheart FX

El Lionheart FX está diseñado para una variedad de flujos de trabajo. Ofrece visualización de 60x en aire y de hasta 60x y 100x utilizando aceite de inmersión, con canales fluorescencia, campo claro de color y de contraste de fase para un alcance máximo.
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