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Liquid Handling Pipettes

The Plus-Sed liquid handling pipettes offer an ergonomic design to allow for one-handed operation and a soft ejector button to ensure a comfortable pipetting experience. Individually calibrated to operate under international standards as EN ISO 8655 and IVD 98/79 CEE, the accurate, light weight and easy to use pipettes feature digital display, easy calibration and low maintenance.
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MGISP-Smart 8

MGISP-Smart 8 es un robot de pipeteo automatizado profesional, equipado con 8 canales de pipeteo independientes y un rango de volumen de pipeteo de 1 μL a 1000 μL. Es adaptable tanto a microplacas como a reservorios y tubos.
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Diamond RV-Pette Pro

The Diamond RV-Pette Pro Repeat Volume Pipettor provides flexibility and accuracy when pipetting in series. Used in combination, the RV-PettePro pipettor and RV-Pette Pro Dispenser Syringe Tips offer 120 dispensing volume options to meet the demands, protocols and practices for nearly all users. Its light weight ergonomic design makes the RV-PettePro Repeat Volume Pipettor the right choice for efficient and comfortable pipetting during repeat dispensing procedures.
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Single Channel Pipetting Module

The D-ONE single channel pipetting module offers hands-free transfers from individual tubes or wells on the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, making it the perfect add-on for labs that want to go beyond the possibilities of multichannel pipetting to access unlimited applications. It is designed to offer easy automation of normalization, hit picking and master mix preparation, freeing up time while eliminating transcription errors.
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Air-Displacement Pipettes
MyPIPETMAN Select Multichannel

MyPIPETMAN Select fully-autoclavable, air-displacement pipettes are ergonomic, safe, and reliable, and offer volume setting choice and optional handle personalization for optimal use in various protocols. Lightweight and well-balanced with a textured effect for a better grip, MyPIPETMAN Select has a built-in ejection system with an integrated lever that provides reduced tip ejection forces as compared to direct ejection systems.
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Air-Displacement Pipettes
PIPETMAN L Multichannel P12x200L with V-Rings

PIPETMAN L air-displacement pipettes are designed for performance and comfort, and come in a comprehensive range of models adapted to all laboratory needs. Comfortable, precise, accurate, and reliable, PIPETMAN L pipettes are available as a fixed or variable volume and cover a full volume range for confident use in all applications.
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Multichannel Adjustable-Volume Pipettor
Cole-Parmer Essentials

Cole-Parmer Essentials multichannel adjustable-volume pipettor is offered in a wide-range of adjustable volumes to lend to a variety of precise liquid dispensing needs. Fully autoclavable, it features an ergonomic finger grip for comfortable use and a click-stop volume settings for simple and quick use.
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Adjustable-Volume Pipettor

EX-Plus adjustable-volume pipettor features chemical-resistant PTFE O-rings and seals, allowing it to be used with solvents. Fully autoclavable, the adjustable volume pipettor features one-touch calibration and enhanced ergonomics along with enhanced UV resistance to provide added protection from biohazardous elements. Users can easily adjust the pipette volume by turning the colored dial while the lock dial feature prevents accidental volume changes during use and a separate tip release button eliminates accidental release.
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UV Sterilizing Pipettor Rack
nUVaClean UV Sterilizing Pipettor Rack

The nUVaClean UV sterilizing pipettor rack features a UV-C lamp and high-efficiency reflector/concentrator that provide 360° of 254 nm UV exposure to prevent cross contamination. Users can place up to six single-channel pipettors in the rack and press "start" to begin the process. Sterilizing cycle automatically shuts off after 28 minutes.
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Multichannel Pipette
CAPPAero 384 Multichannel

CAPPAero384 is the ideal multichannel pipette for 384 well plate, enabling quick and high precision pipetting of 16, 48, or 64 wells at once, or of one row at a time with the 24 and 32-channel pipettes without the use of expensive, automated equipment. It a perfect tool for liquid transfers from reservoir and deep well plates into 384 well plates, reducing the throughput time and workload, and offers significant advantages in PCR, micro array, and MALDI spectrometry techniques.
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8- and 12-Channel Pipettes
CAPPAero 96 Multichannel

CAPPAero 8- and 12-channel pipettes have a unique construction, ensuring extremely easy tip mounting and ejection with an external ejection lever assuring ergonomic and effortless tip ejection. CAPPAero multichannel pipettes guarantee single channel accuracy and precision across all channels due to the special design and construction of the CAPP piston assembly and are incredibly robust and fully autoclavable, offering easy maintenance.
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Automatic Single Channel Pipettes

CAPPSolo automatic single channel pipettes have excellent calibration retention and a precise volume adjustment mechanism to ensure accurate volume dispensing. With the sturdy and lightweight chassis of CAPPSolo single channel pipettes, it is now easy to pipette through large sample volumes comfortably. CAPPSolo single channel pipettes feature a most delightful plunger that will please every pipette warrior and are built to last and feature in-built protection against common laboratory accidents.
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Multiple Channel Electronic Pipette
MPB Series

The MPB Series multiple channel electronic pipettes enable automatic, electronically-controlled aspirating and dispensing to ensure uniform and accurate pipetting for both novices and experts alike. The MPB series of multiple channel electronic pipettes makes dispensing into microplate wells extremely quick, especially when used in multiple dispensing (MD) mode.
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Auto Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipette

VOYAGER is the first and only automatic adjustable tip spacing pipette on the market and features unique motorized tip spacing, enabling parallel transfer of multiple samples between labware of different sizes and formats. By reducing transfer steps, VOYAGER helps prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and pipetting errors.
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Automating Multichannel Pipette

ASSIST automating multichannel pipettes prevents repetitive strain injuries (RSI) while increasing the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate filling and reagent addition. Users can simply mount any INTEGRA VIAFLO electronic pipette onto the ASSIST pipette adapter, choose a pipetting protocol and press the run button. ASSIST will then obtain the protocol via communication module from the VIAFLO electronic pipette and automatically execute the desired application.
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