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Automated Slide Stainer
Aerospray Hematology Stat Series 2

The Aerospray Hematology Stat Series 2 automated slide stainer has a quick stain cycle with slides ready for the microscope in four minutes, along with an easy and intuitive interface. Staining is consistent with expected hematology results and is reproducible between stain cycles, resulting in textbook quality staining with trouble-free operation.
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Laboratory Software
Acusera 24•7

The Acusera 24•7 laboratory software assists laboratories in the effective management of QC data and has the unique ability to provide peer group data instantly in real-time, as well as automatically generate advanced QC statistics, including Sigma Scores and Uncertainty of Measurement. In addition to providing labs with comprehensive reports and interactive charts such as Levey-Jennings and Histograms, the software is able to speed up troubleshooting and aid laboratories as they strive for accreditation.
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Laboratory Automation System
Power Express

The Power Express laboratory automation system provides a total laboratory automation solution that maximizes uptime, minimizes errors and optimizes workflow. Combined with state-of-the-art analyzers and transformative clinical IT solutions, it gives laboratories the ability to connect all core disciplines into a single line—from sample entry to archive.
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Peripheral Blood Application
CellaVision Peripheral Blood Application

The CellaVision Peripheral Blood Application enables laboratories to automate, standardize and simplify morphological examination of peripheral blood smears. When implemented together with CellaVision analyzers and supporting software, it speeds up and simplifies the review process while delivering more standardized results.
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Advanced Model 3250

El sistema de muestra única Advanced Model 3250 proporciona resultados rápidos y exactos. Combina la tecnología de punto de congelación con la versatilidad del procesamiento de muestras avanzado en un dispositivo que es simple de operar y fácil de mantener.
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Blood Glucose Meter

The AutoSense blood glucose meter is designed for easy, accurate, and quick testing of blood glucose level and does not require manual coding, which makes testing easier and faster and eliminates errors associated with miscoded meters. It also offers hygienic operation and the broadest, most user-friendly features available in a blood glucose meter, requires only a small blood sample (0.5 µl) and comes with AST function for less pain.
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Conjunto de recoleccion de sangre

El conjunto con alas VACUETTE SAFETY está equipado con un mecanismo de seguridad, que ofrece tres opciones diferentes para activarlo inmediatamente después de la extracción de sangre. Está disponible tanto con y sin un soporte para hemocultivo premontado.
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Platelet Aggregometer

The TA-8V is an easy-to-use platelet aggregometer that employs an optimized measurement system for platelet aggregation at an infrared wavelength which reduces interference from haemolysis, icterus or lipaemia. Flexible for multiple workloads, this 8-channel platelet aggregation system, including the instrument and reagents, is a complete system solution designed specifically for the diagnosis of platelet disorders.
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Fast Track cycler

El ciclador Fast Track permite conectar hasta 10 termocicladores a una computadora y facilita que los laboratorios utilicen un rango de 1 a 480 pozos. Utiliza la tecnología de inducción magnética para entregar resultados y no requiere calibración.
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Microplate Washer
IW 96

The IW 96 ELISA microplate washer is a low maintenance, stand alone instrument with a 96-well U-, V- or flat-bottom plate and without any unnecessary features. It comes with 8-way & 12-way interchangeable wash formats, up to 40 programmable wash protocols and on-board automatic self-diagnostics software.
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Tissue Processor
Histo-Tek VP1

The Histo-Tek VP1 tissue processor automatically performs in a single processing retort a series of tissue processing steps, including fixation, dehydration, defatting and paraffin infiltration, to prepare pathological samples for histological studies and tests conducted in the fields of pathology, anatomy, clinical pathology, etc. Up to 300 Tissue-Tek Uni-cassettes containing specimens can be processed in a single cycle with its capacity equal to 300 cassettes in two baskets, thus meeting the market standards of all full size processors.
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Tissue Processor
Tissue-Tek VIP 6 AI

The Tissue-Tek VIP 6 AI vacuum infiltration processor features a new reagent management system, 10.8L bulk containers, reagent and paraffin transfer, automated paraffin wax disposal, a solution manager and true intuitive software. The system sets new standards for reliability, safety and convenience in traditional tissue processing as it is easier to use and offers increased user safety without compromising on high quality processing and reliability.
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Tissue Processor
Tissue-Tek Xpress x120

The Tissue-Tek Xpress x120 rapid tissue processor comes with an improved reagent system, enhanced QC possibilities and software options, and an hourly throughput of up to 120 specimens. It uses an innovative, low-wattage microwave technology, improved, molecular-friendly reagents and traditional vacuum infiltration techniques to provide consistent, superior results in record time.
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Molecular Diagnostic System
SelectNA plus

The SelectNA plus is a fully-automated molecular diagnostic system for robotic DNA extraction in the course of culture-independent diagnosis of pathogens and analysis of microbiomes. It offers walk-away, vacuum filtration-based pathogen enrichment and DNA extraction using all kinds of specimens from primary sterile body sites, including fluid and tissue samples.
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Microplate Washing System

The Immunochem-2600 is a microprocessor-controlled microplate washing system that performs wash protocols that are defined by the user. It is designed to wash all of the wells in one column or one row of a 96-well plate at once.
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