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Lab Automation Solution
DxA 5000

The DxA 5000 total laboratory automation solution helps deliver rapid and consistent turnaround times, provides comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection, and reduces the number of manual processing steps to improve laboratory efficiency. It utilizes a universal centrifugation protocol that significantly reduces the pre-analytical processing time by up to 73% for connected analyzers across multiple disciplines.
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Serum Separation Gel
Serum Separation Gel

The Serum Separation Gel allows stable and reliable separation of blood clot and serum while having very low influence on the clinical test results. It enables excellent shift to the position between serum and clot, and has high resistance to irradiation.
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sdLDL-C Biochemistry Assay

The sdLDL-C automated biochemistry assay is intended for measuring sdLDL-C levels with applications for a wide range of analyzers. It uses the clearance method which produces results in as little as 10 minutes, facilitating faster patient diagnosis and treatment plan implementation.
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Laboratory Automation System
Aptio® Automation

Aptio® Automation combines intelligent technologies with Siemens Healthineers workflow expertise to deliver flexible solutions that advance your laboratory’s productivity. Accelerate processing and achieve consistent turnaround time using intelligent routing, single-sample flow, and point-in-space sampling technologies. Position your laboratory for future expansion and rapid access to innovations in automation and diagnostics with a highly adaptable, multidisciplinary track. Improve utilization of lab resources through data-driven simulations, optimization modeling, and best practices of an experienced partner.
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BriCyte E6

El BriCyte E6 puede compensar automáticamente los grupos de células con un simple clic de la plantilla inteligente incorporada. Puede dispersar los grupos de células mediante los algoritmos incorporados, luego analizar los datos e informar los resultados automáticamente.
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StatStrip Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Meter System

El StatStrip es el único sistema de POC que proporciona análisis y monitorización de la anemia con las pruebas de Hb y Hct medidas. Requiere pequeñas muestras de punción digital y ofrece resultados en 40 segundos, mejorando la toma de decisiones en los POC.
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El software de gestión de calidad iQM2 proporciona análisis inteligente y control de calidad automatizado con cada muestra en tiempo real. El tiempo de detección de errores se reduce de horas a minutos y los errores se corrigen y documentan automáticamente.
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Cytology Processing System
PC 2000

The PC 2000 is an automatic liquid-based cytology processing system that uses a patented technique for sample pre-treatment and has a cleaner background to maintain the natural features of cells as much as possible. It features automatic staining to eliminate manual errors, has a fast result time of 60 minutes and flexible loading capacity of 1-20 samples.
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Aerospray Hematology Pro Series 2

El Aerospray Hematology Pro Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuge se usa para colorear la sangre, la médula ósea y otros fluidos corporales. Las características incluyen una gama de configuraciones de coloraciones y el Rotor Cytopro opcional que concentra las células en una lámina portaobjetos.
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Safety Blood Lancet
Safe Lite III

The Safe Lite III safety blood lancet features a high quality, ultra sharp tri-bevel needle with high speed penetration and having a depth of 1.8 mm. The needle is fully shielded before and after use, while its pre-loaded, button-operated design offers user convenience, making it ideal for blood glucose and other in vitro diagnostic tests.
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BLAUBRAND Counting Chambers

Las cámaras BLAUBRAND sirven para determinar el número de partículas por unidad de volumen de un líquido. Todos los paquetes de cámaras incluyen una cámara de recuento con dos cubreobjetos de hemacitómetro en una caja transparente.
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Automated Photometer
StarDust MC15

The StarDust MC15 automated photometer simultaneously processes a multi-cuvette strip to allow the reading of 15 endpoint chemistries in one minute or 15 kinetic chemistries in four minutes. It requires only sample and reagent pipetting and is easy to handle due to its integrated incubation, automated mixing, measuring and documentation.
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Mass Spectrometer
TSQ Quantis MD Series

The TSQ Quantis MD Series of mass spectrometers offers the sensitivity needed for routine quantitative analyses together with remarkable speed and robustness. It meets a wide range of sensitivity and throughput needs, and is ideal for clinical diagnostic laboratories that need to meet their routine requirements for laboratory-developed tests.
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Services & Informatics Solution

The AlinIQ is a first-of-its-kind professional services and informatics solution that will enable labs to deliver greater overall productivity with their existing resources. It includes four key offerings combining professional service experts with processes and tools that help uncover intelligent insights from laboratory data.
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HPLC System
Vanquish MD HPLC

The Vanquish MD HPLC provides exemplary solvent flow and retention time precision plus seamlessly couples to Thermo Scientific’s MD Series of mass spectrometers. It can be used by clinical diagnostic laboratories to meet their precision and resolution requirements as a component of laboratory-developed tests.
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