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Specimen Collection And Transport Kit
Single-use Superior Specimen Collection And Transport Kit

The single-use superior specimen collection and transport kit includes a universal transporting medium for the collection, preservation and transport of clinical specimens containing viruses (including SARS-Cov-2), chlamydiae, mycoplasmas or ureaplasmas from the collection site to the testing laboratory. The kit also contains flocked swabs which collect and release more secretions and cellular material than traditional swabs, thus improving efficiency in cell specimen collection and patient comfort.
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ESR Analyzer

The VISION automatic ESR analyzer makes use of primary EDTA tubes and delivers results in 20 minutes, providing assigned value and L-J chart of Bio-Rad control. It offers unique real time ESR curve display and temperature-corrected ESR results, along with excellent Westergren correlation.
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Hisopo Oral
Oral and Nasal Sampling Swabs

El hisopo oral de Singuway está hecho con tecnología patentada, MIRACLEAN, y material de nylon que permite que la muestra de virus se adsorba firmemente alrededor de la superficie y se pueda liberar rápidamente. Su punta de espátula, innovadora, para recolección de células fue diseñada ergonómicamente para la recolección de células con alta concentración.
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HPV Processing System

The CX STARlet is the ultimate solution for a streamlined HPV routine that performs all pipetting steps and is also equipped with an automated plate sealer and an integrated on-deck thermal cycler. It can process more than 800 HPV samples per week with a minimum amount of manual interaction, making it the ideal choice for laboratories who want to be more efficient and profitable within their HPV routine.
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Stat Fax 2200

The Stat Fax 2200 is a compact and easy to use programmable incubator/mixer with a capacity for two standard 96 well microplates or strip trays, round or flat bottom wells. It uses microprocessor control for temperature and mixing speed with eight mixing modes (575 to 1500 rpm) and comes with a cover for protection from light and dust.
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Solucion de flujo de trabajo
Atellica Diagnostics IT

The Atellica® Diagnostics IT leverages data-driven innovation to simplify workflows. Siemens' scalable, easy-to-use solutions simplify tasks and maximize the effectiveness of the laboratory and its staff. It enhances visibility, automates processes, and centralizes management across instruments, automation, sites, and networks.
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Autoantibody Biomarker

The Anti-PLA2R ELISA and the Anti-PLA2R ChLIA provide quantitative in vitro determination of antibodies against phospholipase A2 receptors. Anti-PLA2R and the supplementary marker anti-THSD7A can be detected in parallel using indirect immunofluorescence tests based on antigen-expressing cells. Anti-PLA2R and anti-THS7DA antibodies are highly specific markers for primary membranous nephropathy. Their analysis supports differential diagnosis, disease monitoring, and risk assessment.
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UniTranz-RT for COVID-19 Testing

El UniTranz-RT es un kit estéril, completo con un vial de 3 mL de medio de transporte universal y un hisopo ultrafino PurFlock Ultra, con fibras patentadas que garantizan la máxima recolección de células, perfecto para tomar muestras de la nasofaringe.
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Bioprocess Controller
SciVario twin

The SciVario twin is a next-generation bioprocess controller featuring a new intuitive user-interface and highly innovative hardware and software. It is capable of controlling two vessels at the same time, either glass or single-use, and is suitable for microbial and cell culture as well as stem cell applications.
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Laboratory Emergency Shower Decontamination Booth
Laboratory Emergency Shower Decontamination Booth

The laboratory emergency shower decontamination booth features strip curtains, alarm horns, alarm lights, grab bars, eye/face wash, overhead drench shower, and hand held eye/face wash. It is constructed of durable one-piece seamless fiberglass with glass smooth white surfaces and coved corners for ease of clean-up.
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Laboratory Fume Hood
UniFlow SE AireStream

The UniFlow SE AireStream laboratory fume hoods are designed for high efficiency, energy savings and maximum user protection, and feature an aerodynamic face opening with airfoil to provide uniform airflow into the fume chamber. A constant volume low flow hood with VaraFlow baffle system efficiently directs the airflow through the fume chamber to the exhaust outlet with minimum turbulence and maximum user protection.
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Laboratory Workstation

The MICROFLOW I is a ductless, carbon filtered, rust resistant workstation equipped with activated carbon filtration, designed to collect small amounts of non-hazardous fumes and odors. It is completely self contained and can be easily moved from station to station, and comes with an integral recessed work surface to contain spills and a clear hood surround with safety viewing sash for users.
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PCR Workstation
Purair PCR Workstation

Purair PCR workstation enclosures are ideally suited for assay setup and amplification applications, providing a safe, energy-efficient, contamination-free environment for use when flexible access to instrumentation inside the cabinet is required. Employing Air Science Multiplex HEPA filtration technology, it protects against cross-contamination during PCR procedures and is designed for desktop use or cart installation. It is available in three models with a variety of options, meeting or exceeding OSHA, ANSI and other international standards.
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Biological Safety Cabinets
Purair BIO

The Purair BIO Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) provide a primary containment work area for life science research, cell culture processing, and other applications where protection of the user, the work product, and the environment, and mitigation of cross-contamination on the work surface are needed. They are certified for safety and performance in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 and EN12469 which certifies Class II, Type A2 biological safety cabinets are suitable for working with biosafety agents at levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.
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SCT Full-Auto Stainer
SCT Full-Auto Stainer

The SCT Full-Auto Stainer uses membrane technology to filter interfering components, such as mucus and blood, in the specimen and the density sedimentation separation technique to separate inflammatory cells. These functions are done in a single step to prepare a liquid-based cell diagnostic sheet with good morphology and uniform cell distribution.
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