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Urine Analyzer
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Urine Sediment Analyzer

The EH-2080 urine sediment analyzer provides whole view field microscopic images using classical morphology detection, machine vision (MV) applied with DIF and CPTR technology. Its reportable parameters include different types of formed elements in the urine sample and the efficient self-maintenance system offers automatic counting chamber cleaning and probe rinsing.
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La instrumentación MAST URI PREP permite que las muestras de orina se dispensen de forma independiente, lo que permite la lectura y validación simultáneas en el SISTEMA MAST URI y lleva a un aumento significativo en la capacidad de producción.
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Control de quimica urinaria

El Dropper se usa para controlar el desempeño de los métodos de análisis de química urinaria de rutina y de urgencias. Diseñado para uso con la mayoría de los principales analizadores de química, su botella cuentagotas fácil de usar proporciona una dispensación simple y un uso máximo.
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Auto Urinary Sediment Analyzer

The EH-2030 fully automatic urinary sediment analysis system provides whole view field microscopic images with reportable parameters including different types of formed elements in urine sample. It uses intelligent image processing technology to ensure clarity of image and guarantee throughput and features an efficient self-maintenance system, including automatic counting chamber cleaning and probe rinsing.
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Semi-Auto Urine Test Strip Analyzer
HTI CL-50 Plus

The HTI CL-50 Plus is a semi-automatic urine test strip analyzer with a throughput of 60 strips/hour (single strip) and 120/strips per hour (continuous) and a test time of 60 seconds. It has a user-friendly design along with easy access to menus, result data review and a small footprint, and internal memory for storage of 1000 test results.
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Clinical Diagnostic Urine Analyzer

The MUS-9600 clinical diagnostic urine analyzer has a throughput of up to 120 T/H (hybrid), 240 T/H (chemical), and 120 T/H (formed elements). The benchtop urine analyzer supports cap piercing and its One Key QC allows labs to say goodbye to tedious steps.
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Urine Analyzer

The R-600S urine analyzer offers outstanding accuracy, easy operation with colorful touch screen, continuous and fast processing with urine test strips, self-system check, auto-calibration, and connectivity as well as enhanced quality control management. It provides maximum efficiency by fulfilling the requirements of small & large laboratories and clinics.
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Automated Urinalysis Chemistry Analyzer
DxU 810c Iris

The DxU 810c Iris fully automated urinalysis chemistry analyzer features continuous strip loading capability and high throughput with fast turnaround time, bringing a high-capacity urine chemistry analyzer to laboratories. The DxU 810c Iris is available as a standalone system or as a part of a fully integrated urine chemistry and microscopy solution.
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Urine Analyzer

The AVE-731A urine analyzer features new type optical sensors for high sensitivity and accuracy, and good anti-interference ability. It has a throughput of 60 tests/hour or 120 tests/hour, LCD display and menu-driven interface, long-life, high brightness and cold light source.
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Urine Formed Elements Analyzer
AVE-766 Series

The AVE-766 Series urine formed elements analyzer offers six channels that work alternately and is compatible with the AVE-752 automatic urine analyzers with perfect matching throughput and customization for large-sized laboratories. All types of urine formed elements are classified and counted, with automatic erythrocytes morphological analysis available, and real images and statistical diagrams displayable and printable.
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Semi-Automatic Urine Analyzer

The Aution IDaten AE-4070 semi-automatic urine analyzer has the highest processing speed among Aution analyzers and reduces the burden on medical staff by automating examinations. Easy to use, it allows measurement of the ALB/CRE ratio via creatinine correction and offers automatic disposal of reagents after measurement.
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Urine Chemistry Analyzer
Mispa Uriskan 100 Plus

Mispa Uriskan 100 Plus is a urine chemistry analyzer that can process up to 120 strips in an hour and comes with a built-in printer. It features auto correction technology to correct the errors of urine samples due to the influence of icteric urine sample.
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URIT 560

El analizador de orina URIT 560 tiene un rendimiento de hasta 600 pruebas por hora y puede medir 14 parámetros, incluidos Cr, Ma, Ca, VitC y ACR. Cuenta con detectores CIS para resultados más rápidos y precisos.
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Urine Strip Reader

The UDIT500C is a high-end performance urine strips reader with fully automatic operations for ready-to-test and has a throughput of 420 samples/hour. It features an easy maintenance design, internal calibration for sensitivity of strips and cold light source facility with long life and high stability.
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Automatic Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The UA-6800 is a fully automatic urine chemistry analyzer that utilizes dot matrix sampling technology to avoid cross interference and improve analysis precision. It allows the use of multiple urine strips, including 11 items, 12 items and 14 items, which can be selected according to the needs.
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